The First Atrial Fibrillation Center of Community Health Service Center in Jing’an District Is Founded

Released on:2018-07-06


(Text by Reporter Peng Xuhui) For the ordinary people, “atrial fibrillation” is a relatively unfamiliar term. Many people even don’t know that it is also a kind of heart disease that may directly lead to stroke. In China, the number of patients with atrial fibrillation has exceeded ten million. On the morning of June 23, Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital Atrial Fibrillation Center signed with the Community Health Service Center of Linfen Road Sub-district, founding the first atrial fibrillation center of community health service center in Jing’an District. “It marks another implementation of hierarchical medical diagnosis & treatment and the coalition work of complication-free diseases by both parties after the foundation of the first community thoracodynia center demonstration site in an earlier stage. It opens a ‘life channel’ for the contracted community patients with atrial fibrillation under the jurisdiction of the sub-district and imparts the latest and the most accurate knowledge about atrial fibrillation to the public.” Luo Wei, Director of the Community Health Service Center of Linfen Road Sub-district expressed.


Be a “Promoter” of the Knowledge about Atrial Fibrillation


“As a common disease in cardiology, in the past, atrial fibrillation was usually controlled by oral medication, but the effect was limited and the therapy was complex with many side effects. Now the Atrial Fibrillation Center of the Tenth Hospital adopts multiple techniques including radiofrequency catheter ablation and LAAO to control and heal atrial fibrillation, which have received the recognition from the world health care circles...” That day, multiple experts including Tang Kai, Pei Yan, Guo Rong and Li Hailing from the Department of Cardiology of the Tenth Hospital gave patient education speeches on basic medical knowledge about atrial fibrillation including the screening, assessment, standard treatment and follow-up of atrial fibrillation respectively and also conducted on-site atrial fibrillation screening and gratuitous treatment to the residents.


The reporter has learned that at present, the number of people with atrial fibrillation in China has exceeded 10 million. However, since a large ratio of atrial fibrillation demonstrates no relevant symptoms, the awareness rate of the disease, approximately 40%, is low, and thus standard treatment could not be guaranteed. Meanwhile, generally speaking, the risk of getting atrial fibrillation is closely related to senility and aging. For the elderly above 80 years old, the possibility of getting atrial fibrillation may reach to 15-20%. Therefore, for the Community Health Service Center of Linfen Road Sub-district covering a relatively large aging population with relatively high control pressure on chronic diseases including cardiovascular diseases, how to popularize knowledge about atrial fibrillation and promote atrial fibrillation screening service, especially the screening for the elderly into the community is very important. 


“After the foundation of the Community Atrial Fibrillation Center, family doctors will be adopted to publicize the standard treatment of atrial fibrillation to the residents. Meanwhile, experts from the hospital will also come to the community in Linfen Road Sub-district to conduct atrial fibrillation screening for the residents here on a regular basis.” Tang Kai, Deputy Director of the Department of Cardiology of the Tenth Hospital, told the reporter that both parties would standardize the screening activity and they would combine the continuing education towards the community-level doctors with science popularization education towards the residents to discover more patients with atrial fibrillation earlier and prevent the complications of cardiovascular diseases from occurring, thus eventually bringing the benefits of hierarchical medical diagnosis and treatment to more residents.


Be a “Guardian” of the Patients with Atrial Fibrillation


For the Community Health Service Center of Linfen Road Sub-district, the foundation of the Community Atrial Fibrillation Center this time sets up a new platform for the academic exchanges of the community on cardiovascular diseases. The Center will attach importance to the primary prevention of atrial fibrillation and intervene in the high-risk group as early as possible. It will try its best to discover and identify the patients in the community earlier and make reservations for referral for the patients in need through the “WeChat group of the Atrial Fibrillation Center” established by the Tenth Hospital and the Center, opening a green channel for the patients with atrial fibrillation to receive treatment in the Tenth Hospital. After the patients are healed and return to the community from the hospital, the family doctors will also keep close contact with them and their families, undertaking the prevention and treatment responsibilities of the patients.


“The public awareness of the disease and the standard treatment, especially the awareness of the patients with atrial fibrillation, as well as the basic knowledge about health care and the ability in managing chronic diseases by themselves, which are the most concerned issues of the ordinary people, can be enhanced by the ‘barrier-free’ communication between the family doctors and residents.” Luo Wei expressed that the Center would regard the contract this time as an opportunity. Through multiple forms including doctor education, patient education, gratuitous treatment and WeChat official account, it would constantly practice the guardian function of the family doctors, strive to resolve the “medical treatment problems” for the contracted residents and provide them with “green one-stop” and whole-course medical services, and thus give full play to the real advantages of the community health service center in providing convenient health care service, which would be a further attempt at health management of the ordinary people.