The Wenshan Prefecture Delegation Goes to Shanghai Jing’an to Conduct Return Visit Event Series for Deepening Poverty Relief Coordination

Released on:2018-07-07


(Text by Reporter Peng Xuhui/ Photo by Reporter Xiao Mingliang) In order to deeply study and put into practice of the spirit of the important speech on the poverty relief coordination between eastern and western China made by General Secretary Xi Jinping, to thoroughly implement the spirit of the important instruction made by Li Qiang, Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, during his inspection in Wenshan, to fully promote the Shanghai-Wenshan poverty relief coordination work, and to excellently win the tough battle against poverty, from June 24 to 27, the Yunnan Wenshan Prefecture delegation went to Shanghai Jing’an District to conduct a series of return visit events for deepening poverty relief coordination.


Wenshan Prefecture leaders Tong Zhiyun, Zhang Xiulan, Xu Changbi, Li Jiasong and Li Yunlong, Jing’an District leaders An Lusheng, Lu Xiaodong, Li Weiping, Chen Yongdi and Gu Yunhao, and Hongkou District leaders Zhao Yongfeng and Shi Baozhen, attended the relevant events including the opening ceremony of Shanghai-Wenshan Assistance Coordination Achievement Exhibition, the Shanghai Jing’an and Yunnan Wenshan Poverty Relief Coordination Joint Conference and the Jing’an District Partner Support and Cooperative Communication Work Leading Group Conference. Yao Hai, Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Cooperation and Communication Work Committee and Director of the Cooperation and Communication Office, and Chen Chang, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Vice Chairman of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, attended the Shanghai-Wenshan Poverty Relief Coordination Investment Promotion Conference.


At the Shanghai Jing’an and Yunnan Wenshan Poverty Relief Coordination Joint Conference and the Jing’an District Partner Support and Cooperative Communication Work Leading Group Conference held on the afternoon of June 26, Zhang Xiulan and Lu Xiaodong respectively introduced the conditions of the social and economic development and the promotion of the assistance coordination work of both parties, and signed the Agreement on Deepening the Poverty Relief Coordination in the New Era between Jing'an District People's Government and Wenshan Prefecture People's Government.


On behalf of Jing’an District, An Lusheng warmly welcomed the Wenshan Prefecture party and government delegation and expressed that from now on, Jing’an District would do well in the following three points in the poverty relief and partner support work. Firstly, further enhance the awareness; the units at all levels in Jing’an District shall continue strengthening partner assistance work, further leverage the working method of advantage innovation, fully implement the decisions of the CPC Central Committee, and firmly complete the important political tasks assigned by the CPC Central Committee, the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. Secondly, re-focus on the tasks; take well-targeted steps centering on industrial development, labor force employment, living standard improvement and partner construction, focus on the fight against poverty and try to achieve the goals to help the poor get rid of poverty on schedule. Thirdly, re-consolidate the responsibilities; all the departments shall consolidate the entity responsibility, reinforce the coordination responsibility, and at the same time, strengthen security to provide the designated officials for the assistance work with strong support.


Before the conference, accompanied by An Lusheng and Chen Yongdi, the Wenshan Prefecture party and government delegation inspected Shanghai Data Exchange Corp. in Shibei High-tech Park, the Park Planning Exhibition Museum and the SBC BioMed Lab.


Tong Zhiyun, on behalf of the CPC Wenshan Prefecture Committee, the Wenshan Prefecture People’s Government and the 3.63 million people of various ethnic groups in the whole prefecture, expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the long-term selfless assistance of Jing’an District, hoping that Jing’an District could continue strengthening the assistance towards Wenshan Prefecture, further open up the communication channel ensuring the assistance and coordination of both parties, constantly deepen and expand the economic and trade cooperation between both parties, and accurately identify the converging areas to realize win-win cooperation and common development on relevant projects and industries.


From June 25 to 27, the Shanghai-Wenshan Assistance Coordination Achievement Exhibition themed “With Openness and Inclusiveness, the Love is in Wenshan” was held at Shanghai Exhibition Center. The Achievement Exhibition this time elaborately collected the historical pictures, physical items, text materials and videos reflecting about people of various ethnic groups in Wenshan, promoting the economic development, social progress, living standard improvement, ethnic union and border peace with the Laoshan spirit of “hard work and selfless dedication” and the Xichou spirit of “waiting is not an option, working is the hope” in the past 22 years since Shanghai assisted Wenshan with full heart, comprehensively reflecting the profound changes that have occurred over the past 60 years since the foundation of Wenshan Prefecture, especially the changes that have occurred over the past 22 years since Shanghai began to assist Wenshan with full heart, fully demonstrating the happy life and the united, harmonious and life-affirming spiritual feature of the people in Wenshan and the brilliant development of Wenshan. The 36 enterprises from Wenshan Prefecture participating in the exhibition exhibited the distinctive products from the plateau areas of Wenshan Prefecture through three parts named Notoginseng Series Products, Well-known, Regional and High-quality Products, and Ethnic Culture Products. At the Shanghai-Wenshan Poverty Relief Coordination Investment Promotion Conference held on the afternoon of June 25, officials of Malipo Country and Funing County signed a batch of new cooperation projects with enterprises from Shanghai on site, and held a donation ceremony for social assistance.


The reporter learned that since Shanghai started to assist Yunnan in 1996, Jing’an District (including the former Zhabei District) has established an assistance and coordination relationship with Yanshan County and Malipo County in Wenshan Prefecture, as well as with Wenshan City and Guangnan County in succession, and has invested supporting funds and supplies of a total value of RMB 309 million in Wenshan Prefecture. In addition, Jing’an District has also designated 13 politically solid officials with pragmatic work style to Wenshan to serve temporary positions. In 2018, the supporting funds provided by Jing’an District under the agreement have increased to RMB 51 million. The funds focus on supporting the projects of Wenshan Prefecture in the poverty-stricken areas including the planting and breeding industry development, labor force synergy and the infrastructure construction in the poverty-stricken villages, which have enhanced the infrastructure conditions of the poverty-stricken villages, improved the productivity level and living standard of the public, accelerated the poverty-stricken areas’ progress in getting rid of poverty and becoming better off, and forcefully promoted the sustainable, healthy and fast economic and social development of the whole prefecture.