Let the Residents Be Able to See the “Green” and Also the “Sky” at the Same Time

Released on:2018-07-11


(Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing) As the saying goes, “Great trees are good for shade”. However, too lush greening can also bring residents “blessed trouble”. The reporter learned that when conducting the “great survey and great visit”, Jing’an District Bureau of Afforestation went into the residential areas to investigate the conditions of the communities and residents’ will. The residents reflected a “small trouble” around them: since the greening in the communities had not been pruned for many years, the branches and leaves were too lush to let them enjoy the sunlight.


The “small troubles” of the public were the “big problems” found out through the survey. Jing’an District Bureau of Afforestation sorted relevant problems and resolved a batch of problems involving sun blocking by the greening and the disturbance in the areas under the jurisdiction of the district, building a comfortable, tidy and safe living environment for the residents.


Remove the Tall Trees Blocking the Sunshine


During the visit, residents living on Lane 300, Linfen Road widely reflected that the trees in the community were too tall to let them enjoy the sunlight. “The two trees completely block the sunshine. Every winter, we residents living on the ground floor can hardly see the sunlight, and thus we are unable to sun-cure our clothes and covers.” Mr. Pu said resignedly.


Knowing the needs, Jing’an District Bureau of Afforestation communicated with the person who reported the problem in time and reported the needs of the citizens to the relevant department. Hearing the news, the officials of the department and staff of the operation unit rushed to the site immediately.


After investigation, it was found out that although some pruning work had been done to the 2 trees in front of No. 13 Gate in recent years, it failed to address the root cause of the problem and could not thoroughly resolve the sun lighting problem for the residents. After negotiating with the maintenance unit, the Bureau of Afforestation decided to remove the trees and plant ophiopogon japonicus there. The sun lighting problem troubling the residents was eventually resolved. Seeing the Bureau of Afforestation deliver concrete outcomes and resolve tough problems for the residents in such a fast speed, the residents gave their praises.


Let the Roadside Trees No Longer “Trouble the Residents”


Mr. Shi living on Lane 515, Liuying Road was annoyed by the two roadside trees recently. The reason was that the eastern window of his house was close to Hetian Road, and since the roadside trees on Hetian Road were very tall. Several days ago, the strong wind caused the branches hitting the awning, which made the awning of the window broken.


In addition, whenever summer came and numerous mosquitoes and other insects came out, once Mr. Shi opened the window, many white insects would fly into his house. “Pesticide is smelly, but the air would be stale if I always keep the window closed.” Since the canopy grew too fast, Mr. Shi also made a pruning tool by himself, but it could never address the root cause of the problem.


Knowing the needs, Jing’an District Bureau of Afforestation rushed to the site immediately. When pruning, since the trees were of different heights, and some of them had already reached to the wires in the community, it was difficult to deal with them. The staff used professional pruning tools including pruning saws and ladders to prune the trees without hurting themselves, and cleared and removed the pruned branches timely to ensure a safe passage for the pedestrians and vehicles in the community. After the trees were pruned, the environment of the whole community was refreshed. The safety hazards brought by the lush trees were decreased, and the community environment was beautified.


Prune the Tall Tree to Remove Safety Hazards


Recently, Mr. Xu living near Jiaotong Park reflected that the leaves and branches of a tall tree in the park, along the walls of the community ran wild, which influenced the daily lives of the community residents living on the second floor, so he hoped that the tree could be appropriately pruned.


The reporter saw at the site that the branches of a Chinese ash along the walls of the community grew too tall, and some of the branches, among which there were some withered ones, had reached to the windows of the residents living around. In spring, after the new leaves are grown, the branches and leaves of the trees are highly possible to hit the windows of the residents living around and would even be snapped to hurt the pedestrians walking under the tree, thus bringing huge safety hazards.


The head of Jiaotong Park expressed that based on the conditions of the site and the regulations and standards concerning tree pruning in the community in the Implementation Measures on Adjusting the Greening of the Residential Areas in Shanghai, the managing party of the park had proposed a plan of pruning the trees on the side that would influence the residents, and reserving the trees on the park side.


After the plan was approved by Jing’an District Bureau of Afforestation, the managing party of the park organized a professional technical team of pruning recently. Along with the property management company and Mr. Xu, the person who reported the problem, the team went to the site to prune the Chinese ash and cleared the pruned branches out of the community immediately, thus resolving the problem of the big trees influencing the daily lives of the residents living in Guanjingyuan Community timely.