Rush into the Fire Bravely to Save a Life—A Report on Peng Yijun, Advanced Individual of Shanghai that “Acts Bravely for a Just Cause” and Excellent Youth of Baoshan Road Sub-district

Released on:2018-07-12


(Text by Reporter Li Ying) Recently, the Fire Brigade of Shanghai Armed Police received an invitation from the Politics and Law Committee of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee that invited a fighter of the department to attend the Commendation Conference for the Advanced Individuals of Shanghai that “Acts Bravely for a Just Cause”. After detailed inquiry, the Fire Brigade knew the story. The “hero” who received the commendation was Peng Yijun, an excellent youth who joined the army from Baoshan Road Sub-district and lived in Jing’an District. On April 8 this year, on his family reunion leave, Fire Fighter Peng Yijun rushed into the fire bravely without caring about his own safety to save a life.


Rush into the Fire to Rescue a Paralyzed Old Lady


On April 8, Peng Yijun, who was on a leave, went to Jinshan District to see his relatives. On his way home, when he walked past the area near Caojing Town Group 2, he suddenly noticed that roiling smoke was coming out from a house. Out of occupational sensitivity and a sense of responsibility, Peng shouted to warn the neighbors around while rushing to the house, dialing the police number quickly. When he broke into the house, the fire had spread to the second floor along the wooden stairs. When leading the residents to fight the fire, Peng learned that there was a paralyzed old lady being trapped in the room. Knowing the news, he wet the towels and carpets with water and, with the help of two male relatives of the old lady and the professional knowledge he acquired from the army, made a simple stretcher with sheets and rescued the old lady out of the fire. Afterwards, the medical personnel made an inspection for the old lady and found that she had breathed the dense smoke, and the consequence would be unbearable if she was not rescued in time.


Peng didn’t tell any leader or comrade the story after he finished his holiday and returned to the army, until the invitation to the Commendation Conference for the ones who “acts bravely for a just cause” was sent to the leaders of the Fire Brigade. In fact, it wasn’t the first time that Peng did such brave deeds. As early as 2012, before Peng joined the army, he had once fought a fire for one of his neighbor and received praises from the people.


The “Hero” of the Sub-district


In the home of Peng Yijun at Tiantongan Road, Peng Miaofa and Yang Huiqing, Peng’s parents, told us the story about Peng Yijun’s growth. Peng’s grandfather was a veteran who participated in the “war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea”. Growing up with his grandfather’s fighting stories, Peng was imperceptibly influenced by what he heard and saw, and thus set an aspirational goal of joining the army to reward the nation as a serviceman in his childhood. In 2013, when he was just at the minimum legal age to join the army, Peng went to the Armed Forces Department of the sub-district of his own accord, and his parents gave great support for his choice. Since Peng joined the army, whenever on a family reunion leave, he would go to see his grandmother and give her some pocket money once arriving at home. Meanwhile, he leverages the limited holiday to compensate for the regrets caused by being out of home for a long time, and to do some housework for his parents of his own accord. In 2016, in the period when his mother Yang Huiqing was ill and in the hospital, Peng went to the hospital and accompanied his mother for a whole week. In the eyes of his families, Peng was a true “hero”.


In addition, Baoshan Road Sub-district, where Peng Yijun grew up, was also a community with an honorable revolutionary tradition. It was one of the important places where the party and labor movements in the foundation period of the Communist Party of China and the period of revolution took place. Proletarian revolutionaries including Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, Chen Yun and Cai Hesen all once lived and worked here.


A “Guardian” of the Nation


Since he joined the army in September 2013, Peng Yijun has been keeping training hard, fighting in the front when performing the tasks, and guaranteeing the safety of people's lives and property. He has made individual third-level contribution for one time and received commendation for three times in succession, which proved him a true “guardian”. 


Baoshan Road Sub-district attaches great importance to the national defense work. In the conscription season every year, the sub-district always sends the most excellent batch of youths under its jurisdiction to the army, and takes the initiative in being an “instructor behind”. For the fighters in different periods, the sub-district sets different service themes. In the period when the recruits join the army, with the theme of “stabilizing the thinking of the recruits and helping them adapt the army life as soon as possible”, it stabilizes the thinking of the recruits in collaboration with their families to encourage the youths to integrate with the army as soon as possible. In normal time, with the theme of “strengthening the visit, understanding the practical difficulties of the fighters and giving them a hand, thus letting the fighters make contributions in the army without any worry”, it takes the role of an “instructor behind”.


Peng Yijun is only a representative of the “heroes” from Baoshan Road Sub-district. In the last ten years, the number of “heroes” honorably joined the army from Baoshan Road Sub-district remained at about 16 each year, among whom, 80% have received commendations of “Excellent Fighter” or higher, 50% have joined the Communist Party of China, 6 have made third-level contributions, and 4 have been enrolled by military academies. On the other hand, the sub-district was also named district-level and city-level “Advanced Unit in the Conscription Work” in 2012, 2015 and 2016 respectively.