Daning Road Sub-district Conducts “Big Hands Hold Small Hands” Event Series

Released on:2018-08-02


(Text by Reporter Wu Jingjing/ Photo by Reporter Xiao Mingliang) On the morning of July 16, Shanggong Neighborhood Committee cooperated with Hetian Middle School, Jing’an District Environmental Monitoring Center and Guangyan Neighborhood Center to conduct the “Caring, Gratitude, Practice—Big Hands Hold Small Hands Event Series”. The event content includes multiple rich and excellent activities including raising the flag of China in front of the national flag building, community eulogy “pioneers are with each other”, community interaction “‘the young and the old’ send blessings”, community caring “send coolness in summer”, community image “one-day community worker”, and community interview “little investigators”.


At the flag-raising ceremony, when the solemn and powerful March of the Volunteers was played, with a solemn expression on their faces, the people saluted the flag with their eyes while performing and singing the national anthem. The site was in a solemn atmosphere. The students also sang the Anthem Song of the Young Pioneers of China with the community CPC members together, which expressed their firm faith and patriotic enthusiasm in their chests, and their determination to inherit the unfinished lifework of the revolutionary martyrs, and to strive to be the successors and practitioners of the red gene. At the activity site, the senior CPC members also expressed their wishes to the students, hoping that the younger generation could strive for the realization of the Chinese Dream, and put effort into study to make the motherland more prosperous and powerful.


Afterwards, the students of Hetian Middle School and the CPC members of Jing’an District Environmental Monitoring Station visited and greeted the senior CPC members living alone in the community, inquiring their living conditions and health conditions in detail, and earnestly listening to their inner voice. For the students, the most-anticipated session was to experience the neighborhood committee work. On thinking of that they would receive the residents and resolve the tough issues for them, the students were keen to have a try. They regarded themselves as true community workers, and dealt with the big and small trifles with heart, to perform the reception and service work well. The students expressed that the work was very important and meaningful, “We should regard the issues of the residents as those of ourselves and resolve them in time. We should always safeguard the interests of the residents.”


The students also conducted voluntary labor in the community. With tools including brooms, small shovels and trash bags in hand, they cleared up the discards from the lawn in the community including the white trash and wastepaper, which fully promoted the spirit of “fearing no hardship, fearing no dirt, and fearing no tiredness”. Meanwhile, they also publicized knowledge about safety and environmental protection to the community residents, hoping that the awareness of protecting the environment and cherishing the home of all residents under the jurisdiction of the sub-district could be strengthened.


During the event, Shanggong Neighborhood Committee designed a questionnaire on the recent micro-remodeling in the community. Students, community officers and volunteers personally visited the residents and distributed the questionnaires to them to investigate their needs for building group construction and community service, which also let the neighborhood committee know the residents’ opinions better. In addition, the coming of the students made the residents felt “refreshed”.


A relevant official of the sub-district expressed that such volunteer activities were constantly held in the community. Normally, the volunteers participating in the activities were older than those of this time, so making use of the summer holiday to call the youths to participate in the activities was also a compelling promotion for the events. Through the event this time, the students stepped out of their homes in the holiday to participate in the community service for public benefits, and made contributions to the community.