New Start Realizes New Leap and Makes Contributions of Jing’an to Build Shanghai

Released on:2018-08-02


(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin/ Photo by Reporter Xiao Mingliang) At the 24th session of the (Expanded) 1st Standing Committee of Jing’an District People’s Congress on July 26, Lu Xiaodong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jing’an District Committee and Governor of Jing’an District, reported the hot spots and difficulties in the five aspects concerned by the people including implementing the promotion of the “four brands” of Shanghai, optimizing business environment, strengthening the fine management of the city, securing and improving people's well-being, and doing the mid-term assessment of the “13th Five-year Plan”, as well as the considerations for the next step of the work to all of the representatives and members.


Be a Window Embodying the “Four Brands” of Shanghai


Lu Xiaodong said that Jing’an District had formulated and published the implementation opinions of promoting the “four brands” of Shanghai with four supporting three-year plans, and specified a batch of specific special plans for the implementation. The district has been striving to be an important window and shiny name card embodying the “four brands” of Shanghai.


For promoting the “Shanghai Service” brand, 88 specific measures have been specified to promote the work related to the comprehensive reform of service industry in an all-around way. Meanwhile, Jing’an District will also combine the work with the great survey covering the whole city to continue sorting the problems related to systems and mechanisms faced by the enterprises in major industries, find the key of the problems, and propose the breakthrough point of the reform and innovation that can resolve the problems. In the second half of the year, Jing’an District will focus mainly on strengthening the research and sorting of the global service organizations to propose the general idea and key measures on developing Jing’an District to a global service provider.


In order to promote the “Made in Shanghai” brand, Jing’an District plans to initially form a “Jing’an Intelligent Manufacturing” development pattern featuring industry integration with obvious agglomerative effect, deep application innovation, outstanding brand effect and perfect functional system. Next, the district will focus on enterprise agglomeration, uphold the innovation-driven development, enhance the park level, and accelerate the integration of the industries and the city, to build an advanced big data industry base and a demonstration zone of big data application service in Shanghai and even in China.


For promoting the “Shanghai Shopping” brand, Jing’an District will focus on facilitating the agglomeration of diversified brands, enhancing the level of business circles and commercial streets, refining and implementing the blueprint for back street economic strategy of Jing’an District, as well as encouraging and supporting business innovation and the application of new business models, to accelerate the construction of the demonstration zone of an international consumption city, to construct an international and first-class business circle with global attraction, influence and competitiveness. The priority of priorities is to build West Nanjing Road a world-class landmark commercial street.


In order to promote the “Shanghai Culture” brand, Jing’an District should further tap into high-quality resources, inherit the advanced cultural gene, and accelerate the construction of the core area of an international cultural metropolis. Also, the district should do well in the work including tapping into and publicizing the “Birthplace of the Party” Project, deeply exploring the “big data + public cultural service” model, building 12 new “gray gravitation” community-level public culture service spots this year, and agglomerating new drivers of growth for the cultural industry.


Target at the Highest Level to Achieve “All Done on the Same Site”


At present, all of the affairs done at Jing’an District Administrative Service Center have realized “making a reservation on the Internet, having a higher priority in going through the formalities at the window”. The approval affairs of the 108 district-level tasks and duties have all realized “done on all sites”. In the second half of the year, Jing’an District will target at the highest international standard and level to further promote and realize “all done on the same site”, thus truly enhancing the satisfaction degree and sense of fulfillment of the public and the enterprises. Jing’an District will focus on the following work.


Regard the construction of the “two centers”, namely the integration data center and the city smart comprehensive operation management center as the core, gather data of various kinds including the public service data and the government review and approval data of the whole district, establish a long-term working mechanism for government affair data management, build highly efficient “brain” and “command center” of the People’s Government of Jing’an District, facilitate the remodeling of government process, and promote “done on all sites, once for all” to enhance service efficiency.


Optimize the foreign investment access system, implement the acceptance method of “single window, single form” for the foreign-invested enterprises to conduct business registration and industrial and commercial registration, and facilitate the implementation of the foreign investment negative list system; conduct the reform of the separation of the business license and business permit in an all-around way, and strengthen the linkage between permit management and enterprise establishment registration management, to release more space for development and enhance market vitality. Actively promote the connectivity among Jing’an District operational and post-operational comprehensive supervision platform, the online government affair lobby, and the credibility information platform, and use big data technology to strengthen risk classification, so as to promote smart supervision.


Promote the Quality of the Urban Area to a New Stage


Jing’an District will focus mainly on the Big Data and Fine City Management (Jing’an District) Project (the “151” Project). The district plans to realize the all-covering data collection over the five hot areas in people’s well-being including “traffic, health and medical treatment, food safety, environmental protection, and communal facilities” in Linfen Road Sub-district, and to explore and establish a cross-area commanding model at West Nanjing Road and Shibei High-tech Park to realize cross-region united command and gridded fast handling, so as to facilitate the realization of new improvement in fine city management level.


Jing’an District will implement the three-year action plan for the construction of the “Beautiful Home” (2018-2020) to constantly improve the appearance of the residential areas; actively resolve tough issues including the construction and reconstruction of the committee of the property owners to ensure that the construction rate of the committee of the property owners reaches to 95%; deepen the reform of property, and strive to be the first district that issues the property management standard for business buildings in Shanghai; focus on the security task of the CIIE, do well in the rectification of the façade of the buildings with safety hazards in the district, and complete the construction and enhancement work of the 21 major roads and a batch of major areas; continue facilitating projects including the Suhe Creek Central Green Space and Wedge Green Space Construction (Phase II) Project; strengthen the rectification of the Hiding the Overhead Power Lines into Ground Project and utility poles to achieve the goal of making 22.02 kilometers of the road under construction and 12.58 kilometers of the road be completed; facilitate the major city and government road construction including the construction of Beiheng Channel (Jing’an channel segment), Changping Road Bridge and Nanbei Channel Phase II with an all-out effort, and accelerate the city and government road construction in areas including Changzhong Road (eastern section) and West Qufu Road.


Attach Importance to Enhancing Public Service Quality


Jing’an District will accelerate the remodeling of old areas to ensure that the goal of benefiting 3,500 families by remodeling the old areas in this year can be achieved, continue using multiple measures to complete the task of adding 6,000 sets of rental houses, and ensure the ordered supply of low-rent houses, city-collected public rental houses and district-collected public rental houses, to promote the overall residential level of Jing’an District to a new stage.


Jing’an District will always do the work related to serving the old well with heart and emotion, and try its best to ensure that the old people living in Jing’an District are taken care of, have someone to depend on, have something to have fun with, and have a place to comfortably live in; focus on perfecting the layout of the elderly care service facilities and the “15-minute life circle for the senior”; deepen the combination of health care and elderly care, actively explore the support for the self-care of the families, conduct pilot “Take Care of My Parents-A Plan for Household Caring Ability Improvement”, and push forward the comprehensive accident insurance for the senior covering the whole district.


The district will also implement the three-year plan for early childhood education, continue facilitating the “Re-strengthening the Middle Schools” Project, strengthen the construction of distinctive high schools, and encourage enterprises to participate in running schools for vocational education; implement the development strategy of healthy Jing’an District, ensure that the 67 major work projects in the five categories of the year are implemented, firmly facilitate hierarchical medical diagnosis, and do the “1+1+1” contract service solid for the residents; conduct the opening work of the sports venues of schools batch by batch to ensure that the “all-covering, all people-oriented, and full-day” opening is realized in this year; implement a new round of entrepreneurship boosts employment special plans, build an all-covering supporting chain for innovation and entrepreneurship, and ensure that in this year, 590 youth who have been unemployed for a long time can receive support, and 800 people are helped and guided to set up a business, among which, 480 people receiving entrepreneurship support are young college students.


Ensure that the Goals in the “13th Five-year Plan” Are Achieved


After initial assessment, it is confirmed that the 28 main indicators in three categories specified in the Outline for the 13th Five-year Plan for the National Economy and Social Development in Jing’an District (hereinafter referred to as the Outline) have initially achieved the goal of “completing half of the tasks after passing half of the year,”, and most of the 128 major projects correspond with the planned progress. It is expected that at the end of the “13th Five-year Plan” period, the main indicators and tasks of the economic and social development specified in the Outline will be completed or exceeded.


Next, Jing’an District will focus on the existing problems in the implementation of the Outline related to high-quality development, nurturing new drivers of growth, studying and learning from the highest international standard and level, and targeting at the overall city plan for Shanghai in 2035, to conduct deep analysis and research; focus on analyzing and evaluating the indicator system and connotation features of the high-quality development and high-quality life of Jing’an District, probe into the focus of effort and new drivers of growth for the constant economic growth of Jing’an District, realize the smooth conversion from the old drivers of growth to the new drivers of growth, and accelerate the formation of the strategies, paths, feasible measures and policy suggestions enhancing the quality of Jing’an District, to strive to truly build Jing’an District “a new benchmark of central urban area and a new development highlight of Shanghai” by 2020.