Jing’an District Holds the Window Service Display Tour Event to Welcome the 100th Day before the CIIE

Released on:2018-08-07


(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin/ Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen) On the afternoon of July 27, in order to welcome the 100th day before the “China International Import Expo”, Jing’an District Civilization Office, Jing’an District Commission of Commerce, Jing’an District Tourism Administration and Jing’an District Market Supervision Bureau jointly held the Jing’an District window service display tour event—coffee skill display and commitment ceremony of the catering service industry at HKRI Taikoo Hui. The event this time aimed to encourage the window service industry in Jing’an District to be well prepared for doing well in the service security of the first CIIE, and to build the “Shanghai Service” brand and show the image of a civilized window with services of higher quality, as the Action Plan for Jing’an District to Implement the Special Projects Tasks of “Shanghai's 200-day Decisive Battle for a Successful China International Import Expo” requested.


During the event, Jing’an District Food and Drug Safety Management Association made an appeal to all of the window service units in Jing’an District, promising to optimize the service environment and strive to be civilized windows, to improve service quality and ensure food safety, so as to serve the CIIE with an excellent performance and an all-out effort. On the site, representatives from 26 catering enterprises, hotels for tourists and malls responded actively.


Picking out 20 coffee beans with defects from the 350 grams of green coffee beans in less than one minute, finding out the coffee with a different taste among three cups of coffee within three minutes, two different patterns of latte art surprising the audiences, and making the innovative coffee themed “Beautiful Jing’an District” with imagination and innovation...In the coffee skill display session on that day, the four baristas from four coffee enterprises in Jing’an District showed and competed their skills in picking out the coffee beans with defects, in coffee cupping, and in latte art ideas, showing the superb skills and service level of the window service industry in Jing’an District.


The reporter learned from the event that the window service units in Jing’an District would constantly strengthen their awareness of proactive service, attach importance to the needs for differentiation and personalization, provide more meticulous, considerate, fine and high-quality services, and form a powerful joint force of focusing on implementation and holding the grand event together by the window service industry in Jing’an District, thus letting the domestic and foreign guests have a good experience by making them “feel at home”.