After Typhoon, Shanghai Railway Station “Becomes Hot” Again

Released on:2018-08-09


(Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing/ Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen) The passenger flow of Shanghai Railway Station “becomes hot” right after the No.10 typhoon of this year named “Ampil” leaves. The reporter has learned that the summer transportation this year coincides with the implementation of the new train diagram, so multiple new trains and lines will join the summer transportation force. The summer transportation period in 2018 is from July 1 to August 31, 62 days in total. It is expected that 21.5 million travelers will be transported during this period.


The reporter saw at the site that after typhoon, the station hall of Shanghai Railway Station was filled with bustling crowds again. Facing the peak time for summer transportation, Shanghai railway interests give full play to the advantage of the gird of the high-speed trains under jurisdiction to implement the peak time diagram for the high-speed train special lines and passenger transportation special lines. They plan to increase 20 new pairs of passenger trains, and adopt multiple measures including adopting EMU train reconnection or large-scale train formation, initializing the train formation in accordance with the diagram, and adding carriages, to increase transportation capacity, so as to meet the traveling needs of the travelers in summer.


It is learned that since the summer transportation started on July 1, Shanghai Railway Station has seized a large number of dangerous items. The railway police expressed that the travelers shall check their belongings before traveling to see whether or not there were some dangerous items not allowed to carry, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles for traveling.


Shanghai railway interests reminded the travelers that since the weather is unpredictable in summer, if an extreme weather event like typhoon and rainstorm occurs, the railway departments may take measures including suspending services and stopping all ticket sales to adjust the train operation, so the travelers should follow the notices in station areas and on Railway 12306 official website, and pay attention to the information released on the official Weibo account, the WeChat official account and the official website of Shanghai Railway Information to arrange their trips reasonably. It also mentions that during the summer transportation period, as each transportation mode loads tremendous passengers, the travelers would better set out earlier on the trip day to leave enough time for urban traffic, security check and real-name ticket inspection.