NBA Star Experiences the “Shared Citizen Court” in Jing’an District

Released on:2018-08-28


(Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing/ Photo by Reporter Xiao Mingliang) On August 15th, the series activities of NBA China Games in Shanghai, co-sponsored by the Shanghai Sports Federation and NBA China, and organized by Shanghai Fuyuan Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd. came to a shared citizen court in Jing’an District. The NBA star Clint Capela, playing for the Houston Rockets, and the leaders of Sports Bureau of Jing’an District jointly unveiled the championship trophy of the Shanghai Amateur Games.


Since the beginning of this year, based on the “Internet + Sport”, the Sports Bureau of Jing’an District has been promoting the “Shared Citizen Court” management mode in the district as the pioneer of the city. 14 sports grounds have been reconstructed and put into operation. It was the first time for Clint Capela to come to a China's shared court and he immediately took out the mobile phone to experience the convenient service of “Entering the Court by Scanning Code”. This management mode which is similar to “shared bicycle” is currently widely used in the courts of Jing’an District. The realization of unmanned management and cashless payment has solved in some degree the embarrassing problems existing in former stadiums such as the large amount of idlers, and the charging difficulty and unreasonability.


During the event, Capela guided the players to perform the pick-and-roll tactic and also played shooting game with the small players. It was learned that the first match of the “Shared Citizen Court” Basketball Games in Jing’an District was held on the same day. The "Shared Citizen Stadium" Basketball Games is an amateur basketball games with citizen's court as the unit that is self-governed by the people by organizing teams through WeChat mini programs. It is committed to creating a new national fitness model with the linkage of venue management and competition gradually.


It is learned that the series activities of NBA China Games in Shanghai enjoying a history of 6 years is a public welfare brand activity with high recognition, reputation and continuity in Shanghai, and is committed to serving the construction of Shanghai into a world-famous sports city.


The 2018 NBA China Games will be held in Shanghai and Shenzhen by Dallas Mavericks against Philadelphia 76ers. Both teams are the first time to participate the NBA China Games. Fans can enjoy the wonderful confrontation of star players such as Nowitzki, Barnes and Simmons at doorstep. The first match between the two teams will be held in Shanghai on October 5, and then they will move to Shenzhen for the second match three days later. During the matches, the 2018 NBA China Games will also bring a wealth of off-site activities to the fans.