Shanghai Book Fair, the Excellent Cultural Event Rings the Curtain Down

Released on:2018-08-29


(Text by Reporter Li Ying/ Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen) The 7-day 2018 Shanghai Book Fair and the “Reading Fashion in China” Shanghai Week were unveiled on August 15, and ended on the night of August 21 at Shanghai Exhibition Center. Over 150 thousand kinds of books, over 500 debut new books, 100 sub-venues, and over 1,150 reading cultural events let the readers share an excellent cultural event this summer.


The “all-important” prelude museum followed the theme of “New Era, New Actions, and New Chapter”, intensively showing over 30 Chinese and foreign versions of Xi Jinping: The Governance of China (I and II), over 10 kinds of newly-published works of the General Secretary, the new achievements in “building the classics that can be passed on and on” in the recent two years, and the excellent books newly published by the three provinces and one city in the Yangtze River Delta. The Classical Book Fair for the 40th anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening up, and the publication exhibition themed “Red Culture, Shanghai-style Culture and Jiangnan Culture” specially set in the corridors on both sides the prelude museum, became the focus of readers’ attention. The “New Era, New Actions, and New Chapter” themed book exhibition and selling museum gathered over a thousand excellent publications.


It is learned that during the 7-day exhibition, Shanghai Book Fair gathered and exhibited a total of over 500 newly-published books across China, and held 276 new book debut events (including new-book sharing events and signing sessions). Started in 2008, the “debut mechanism” has become an important pivot for Shanghai Book Fair to serve the readers and the industry.


This year, Shanghai Book Fair put more effort into promoting “Debut Shanghai”. The number of debut new books exceeded that of the previous years, which made it the brand effect with the greatest core competitiveness of Shanghai Book Fair. A batch of extremely excellent books of the presses in China was debuted at Shanghai Book Fair, covering fields including literature and history, society, science, life and art. Xu Jiong, Director of Shanghai Municipal Press and Publication Bureau indicated that many new books stuck to the theme of the era, the topical topics and readers’ needs. For instance, Oath to the Mountains, a long novel written by Li Mingchun, focused on the tough battle against poverty, while The Big Bang of the Chip, the Only Guide to IC Industry was a response to the public concern over the IC industry. After it was debuted at the book fair, over 1,000 books were sold in a period as short as over one hour, making it the sales star of the book fair this year.


In addition, the book fair this year met typhoon. In order to deal with the bad weather, the organizing committee of the book fair quickly deployed typhoon-preventing measures including removing the outdoor billboards that may have safety risk, reinforcing the awnings, and paving non-slip rugs at the entrance, and non-slip pads on the stairs and steps. The emergency measures received positive remarks from readers. On August 16, when the book fair was closed, the rain was heavy. So, the organizing committee urgently decided to postpone the closing time for half an hour, so as to make it convenient for the readers to leave the site in order. In addition, disposable rain coats were distributed to the readers at the exits of the museum, letting them feel the considerate service of the sponsor.