Daning Road Sub-district Holds the Launch Ceremony of “Daning Gathers the Starlight” Outdoor Worker Caring Supply Stop

Released on:2018-08-29


(Text by Reporter Wu Jingjing/ Photo by Reporter Xiao Mingliang) “Being able to take a bottle of icy water from the supply stop to drink in such a hot weather is so good.” A sanitation worker surnamed Zhang wiped his sweat while taking a bottle of mineral water out of the freezer outside Daning Road Sub-district Office. This was the newest measure of the General Trade Union of Daning Road Sub-district on practicing the concept of “showing solicitude for the front-line workers and delivering them your love” seen by the reporter on site. On the morning of August 20, Daning Road Sub-district collaborated with Shanghai Sincere Starlight Plaza to hold the “Launch Ceremony of Daning Gathers the Starlight Supply Stop”. Relevant leaders of the sub-district and the General Trade Union of Jing’an District, and representatives of couriers, sanitation workers, cleaners and security guards participated in the event together.


What do the outdoor workers need when working in the hot summer? What kinds of care do they need? Keeping the two questions in mind, the General Trade Union of Daning Road Sub-district interviewed some representatives of outdoor workers including sanitation workers, couriers, traffic wardens, food delivery men, taxi drivers and logistics drivers when doing the great survey. Many outdoor workers said, “We feel warm from the outdoor worker caring relay stops set by the union. However, since our work tasks are tightly arranged, we seldom stop to have a rest. It is inconvenient to carry water when we are working, so it would be the best help to provide us with water.”


To this end, Daning Road Sub-district has collaborated with Shanghai Sincere Starlight Plaza to intensively offer the pilot “Daning Gathers the Starlight Supply Stop” service at 5 spots including the sub-district office, the community party-building service center, the 2 community service centers, and the charity supermarket since August 20. The service, mainly for outdoor workers, is dedicated to paying honor to the workers working hard in the hot weather by providing them with mineral water free of charge.


The reporter has seen at the entrance of the sub-district office on Pengjiang Road that a brand new freezer has “started working”, behind which, there is a glass wall on which the eye-catching sign reads “Daning Gathers the Starlight Supply Stop” and the large letters read “Take the Drinks Free of Charge out of the Freezer” have been pasted, letting the passing outdoor workers find the welfare easily. A relevant official of the sub-district has indicated that given to the features of the outdoor work in summer, the supply stop mainly offers mineral water free of charge. According to the pilot operating situation, the service contents and methods will be extended on the basis of the local circumstances, letting the outdoor workers feel more concern and warmth.


After the event, Daning Road Sub-district gave away heatstroke prevention commodities to the outdoor workers. It hoped that more people in the society could pay attention to, and show solicitude for the people silently dedicating themselves to our well-being in the city.