Residents of Pengsan Community Take a Crucial Step towards Their Dreamy New Homes

Released on:2018-09-07


(Text by Reporter Peng Xuhui/ Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen) August 28 is the first day of intensive agreement-signings of Old House Remodeling in Sets Project Phase V of Pengsan Community, Pengpu Xincun Sub-district. On the morning of that day, the community was filled with people. Many residents felt reluctant to leave after signing the agreement, and gathered around the schedule, excitedly counting the number of residents possessing property ownership certificates that had signed the agreement. By 14:00 that day, the signing rate of the project had reached to 96%, symbolizing that Old House Remodeling Project Phase V of Pengsan Community came into effect officially.


The signing of the remodeling project this time has created two “tops”. First, the project represents the largest non-set remodeling project in Shanghai so far, according to which, a total of 11 blocks of old non-set houses will be removed, with 878 families getting involved. Second, the intensive signing rate of the project has reached to above 96% on the first day, creating a record of the fastest intensive signing speed. Following the residents taking part in the Remodeling Project Phase IV of Pengsan Community that has successfully moved back in this March, the 878 families taking part in Phase V are also going to take the crucial step towards their dreamy new homes.


“Succeed, we succeed, we can live in new houses.” Resident Li Meifang and her neighbors couldn’t help cheering on site. Li Meifang has been residing in Pengsan Community for 20 years, with the other 3 families of hers crowding in a house of only 24.6 square meters. “The biggest problem here is going to the toilet. In particular, it is so annoying to scramble for one toilet with other 7 families in the morning. Sometimes, I even have dreams about ‘scrambling for the toilet’.”


The reporter has learned that Pengsan Community is a non-set residential community consisting of old multi-storied public houses built in the 1950s to 1960s. The shabby and old houses with cramped spaces are gloomy and damp, where 2 to 3 families are sharing one kitchen and bathroom together. In some houses, as many as 10 families living on the same floor are sharing one toilet. In addition, some of the rooms are always in shade. Whenever the rain is heavy, water often seep through the ceilings of the residents living on the fifth floor, namely the top floor, while the residents living on the ground floor often suffer from flooding since the community is low-lying, and the sewers are clogged. What’s more, neighbors often come into conflict with each other for trifles since they are using the same kitchens and bathrooms together. As the residents taking part in Remodeling Project Phase IV Pengsan Community have formally moved back to their new homes in this March, the residents taking part in the Phase V have a stronger call for the implementation of “remodeling the old buildings on the original sites” in sets. In the first round of solicitation of the Remodeling Project Phase V of Pengsan Community, the agreement rate of the remodeling reached to 99.3%.


According to Old House Remodeling in Sets Project Phase V of Pengsan Community, 11 blocks of non-set houses covering 27,560 square meters will be removed, and 7 new high-rise buildings with elevators will be built, with 878 families getting involved. After remodeling, each family will have a space of about 2 more square meters on the basis of the original dwelling space, and an independent kitchen and a bathroom. In the new houses, balconies will be added; elevators and underground garages will be equipped. Residents can convert the rental public houses into sold property right houses in accordance with policies on selling the public houses, which will greatly enhance residents’ sense of fulfillment and happiness.


It is introduced that the remodeling this time still has a gap of 165 houses, which will be filled by the sub-district with houses including the spare stock houses remained after the Remodeling Project Phase IV of Pengsan Community. Residents will be able to live in the new houses at the end of this year at the earliest.


When the remodeling project came into effect officially on that day, apart from expressing their happiness by beating drums, clanging gongs, and cheering, the residents also gathered around such a group of people. “Thank you, it's all because of your effort.” “Your voices become hoarse. After being busy for several months, you can now have a rest.”... The people receiving the gratitude were members of the Old House Remodeling in Sets Promotion Office led by Xu Bingrong, a 75-year-old CPC member.


It is learned that since 2009, the sub-district has been implementing pilot “remodeling the old buildings on the original sites” reconstruction project in Pengsan Community, and has established the Old House Remodeling in Sets Promotion Office consisting of 8 people re-employed after retirement. In over 2 months, in order to truly complete the project that benefits, and is welcomed by the people well, led by Xu Bingrong, the team consisting of backbone CPC members with an average age of above 60 voluntarily gave up their weekends, worked from 8:00 to 21:00 every day, and lived a “5+2” and “day + night” life. Wearing uniform work clothes, work cards, and the CPC emblems all the time, they visited the houses and homes to investigate and check the housing models. They modified the design for over ten times, held 11 consecutive resident mobilization meetings, overcame the tough environment in which mosquitoes and insects were growing, and always showed the style of CPC members, to resolve the problems troubling the residents. In the process of organizing the residents to sign the agreement, they used the exclusive “Eight Methods of Doing the Public Work” of the sub-district, namely doing it with the CPC members as the model, letting the neighbors to persuade, trying to make a breakthrough with the help of the key persons, making full use of every opportunity, removing disturbance, showing care, leveraging the friendly relationships, and contacting the units, to go forward with the residents together with one goal, and successfully created a new mode of the old house remodeling in sets in Shanghai.


The “Pengpu people” dedicating themselves to old urban area reconstruction strive to resolve the problems troubling the residents, deeply touching the hearts of everyone. Wu Zhongyi, a 78-year-old man taking part in the Remodeling Project Phase IV of Pengsan Community has moved back to the community. Knowing that the signing work of the Remodeling Project Phase V has been carried out, he asked to be a volunteer of his own accord. As a CPC member, he said, “Now my standard of living has been dramatically improved. The government really did a great thing for the people, and I should also do my bit.” In the home of Chen Qihao, a resident taking part in the Remodeling Project Phase V of Pengsan Community, there are two elderly people above 90. Although it is very difficult for him to rent an interim house to live in, he is still actively responding to the work of the Old House Remodeling Office, and has signed the agreement at an early time. “The government has wholeheartedly done so much for us, so even though there are some difficulties, we should try to overcome them by ourselves.”