Traffic Police Safeguard the Schools and Ensure Smooth and Unimpeded Traffic on the First Day of a New Term

Released on:2018-09-12


(Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing/ Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen) On September 3, all of the primary and middle schools and kindergartens in Shanghai welcomed the first day of a new term. Jing’an District traffic police interests newly dispatched a substantial number of police and traffic coordinators to conduct the school-safeguarding action, disperse and control the traffic at the gate and in the surrounding road segments of the primary and middle schools and kindergartens in the district.


No. 1 Primary School Affiliated to Shanghai Normal University locates on the intersection of Xinzha Road, South Wuning Road and Wanhangdu Road. At 7:15 a.m. in the morning rush hour, the car flow here is large. Multiple traffic police performed their duties at the intersection and the school gate respectively, protecting the children to cross the road safely while reminding the parents to drive away quickly after sending their children to school. Thanks to their effort, the increased car flow had little influence on traffic. At the school gate, there were some teachers helping the traffic police wait for the students. In addition, on Xinzha Road in the west segment of Wanhangdu Road, the traffic police interests set temporary car parking areas to meet the needs of parents for sending and picking up their children to the best of their ability. The traffic police interests indicated that the key of the school-safeguarding action this time was the parking management of the private cars sending children to schools. Private cars were allowed to park by the roadside temporarily as long as they would not influence the unimpeded traffic.


It is learned that the number of cars in Jing’an District in the morning rush hours increased on the first day of the new term. In particular, the car flow in the surrounding areas of schools increased dramatically. Thanks to the orderly traffic dispersion and management by the traffic police interests, the traffic conditions primarily remained normal. Apart from the traffic jams occurred at some regular blocking points, the traffic was smooth and unimpeded in general.