20 “Harbors of Workers” Appear in Jing’an District

Released on:2018-09-15


(By Reporter Peng Xuhui) Although autumn has begun, the recent weather in Shanghai is still very sultry, especially for the outdoor works that have to face the heat of the sun directly. Recently, the reporter learned a piece of good news—20 new lounges have been built for outdoor workers in Jing’an District, where they can enjoy the cool air, drink water, heat their meals, and charge their electronic products. The service objects of the new lounges cover outdoor workers of various kinds including the traffic police, sanitation workers, city officers of law enforcement teams, taxi drivers, couriers and security guards.


On the morning of August 29, China Construction Bank Jing’an Sub-branch held the launch ceremony of the caring event of public interest “Harbor of Workers” in its business hall located at No. 172, Yuyuan Road. It is introduced that “Harbor of Workers” not only provides a place to have a rest for workers including outdoor workers and people-benefiting services for the public, but also provides the special groups including the old, the weak, the sick, the disabled, and the pregnant with humanistic services.


The reporter has seen at the site that tables and chairs for having a rest, first-aid kits, umbrellas, medical kits, presbyopic glasses, phone chargers, and free WIFI are all available in the “Harbor of Workers”. In addition, free water dispensers, open restroom, and meal-heating service are also available. Meanwhile, it is a relatively independent space that will not disturb other customers coming for banking services, and outdoor workers can just have a good rest here.


“Outdoor workers, especially sanitation workers, often work under the hot sun and in the wind and rain, to provide us with a clean and tidy urban environment. Therefore, it would be very meaningful if we can provide them with a place allowing them to have a rest when they are tired, to drink some water when they are thirsty, to beat the heat when they feel hot, and to escape from the cold weather when they feel cold.” The responsible person of China Construction Bank Jing’an Sub-ranch has told the reporter that at present, the 20 spots under the jurisdiction of the bank have realized full coverage of “Harbor of Workers”. The opening hours of the “Harbor of Workers” is just the same with the business hours of the spots. From now on, workers can walk into the spots with the sign of “Harbor of Workers” of China Construction Bank to have a rest without any worry.


“The Harbor of Workers of China Construction Bank puts itself well in workers’ shoes to create warm conditions for our outdoor workers with heart. Look, we can feel the meticulous solicitude for us from details including the chargers, water dispensers, and medical kits. We’re really touched.” Tang Zhiqiang, leader of the road-cleaning team of Jing’an Temple Sub-district, indicated happily while experiencing the facilities in the “Harbor of Workers” together with his mates.