Sports Venues of 42 Schools in Jing’an District Are Opened to the Public Free of Charge

Released on:2018-09-18


(Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing) This summer, Lin Jiadong living in Lane 320, East Luochuan Road invites his schoolmates almost every day after dinner to play basketball with him for an hour or two in Hetian Road Primary School near his home. “In the past, the school venue was only opened to the public at weekends, and we had no choice but to make a reservation in stadiums if we wanted to play basketball. Now we have a venue nearby, which helps us save lots of money.” Lin said happily.


It is learned that when conducting the district-wide “great survey and great visit”, the CPC Jing’an District Committee went deep into the front line to investigate the needs and suggestions of the citizens, and learned their need for building body near home. With lots of preparatory work, starting from July 1, the first batch of sports venues of 42 schools (including 44 school buildings) has been opened to the society, delivering concrete services to and truly benefiting the citizens.


Mitigate the “Venue Problem” of Body-building


With the rapid development of economy and society and the constant improvement of people’s living standard, the need of the public for body-building is constantly increasing. The contradiction between inadequate public sports facilities and the low utilization rate of some sports facilities is becoming more and more prominent.


“We have communicated and coordinated with relevant departments and schools for many times, to ask them to open the first batch of school sports venues to the public while meeting the requirements including ensuring that the normal educational order of the schools remains uninfluenced, assuring on-campus safety, and implementing facility maintenance.” A relevant official of Jing’an District Sports Bureau has indicated that the opening of school sports venues will greatly satisfy the need of citizens for body-building, and plays a quite important role in perfecting the body-building facility system of the “15-minute sporting life circle” of Jing’an District, in further promoting the all-people fitness work, and in improving the physical quality and health of the residents.


Chen Yucheng, a citizen living on Yuyuan Road, and his running mates run every day to build their bodies unless the weather is bad. He admitted that school venues were safe and comfortable. “There exists potential traffic hazard in the community and on the surrounding roads. The most important reason is that the synthetic running track of Shanghai Shixi High School is more suitable for doing exercise than cement ground.”


At present, the opening hours of the first batch of school sports venues are basically 18:00 p.m. to 21:00 p.m. in workdays, and 10:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m. at weekends (from September 1, the opening hours at weekends have been adjusted to 15:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m.). The opening hours of some schools are slightly adjusted because of the reservations made by boarders and groups.


It is learned that since July 1, the opening work of school sports venues has been warmly welcomed by citizens. In spite of the influence of typhoon and multiple times of rain, the number of residents coming for body-building registered by the schools has reached to 8,710 with a number of people doing exercise of 38,492 person-time in total and nearly 1,000 person-time every day on average.


Strengthen Management to Assure Security


The reporter saw at Pengpu No. 3 Junior High School that there were already citizens waiting at the school gate for entering the venue 10 minutes before the opening hour. At 18:15 p.m., when the peak time began, more than 40 citizens came to the school successively to run or walk in a fast speed on the running track.


While benefiting the citizens, the relevant departments and schools consider physical exercise safety as the most worrying problem. Some schools have indicated that since the relevant facilities on the playgrounds are installed for students, adults may raise the safety risk of the facilities after using them.


In face of such problems, Jing’an District Sports Bureau and relevant departments took governing and managing measures from two aspects. First, they have formulated relevant rules and regulations including stipulating that residents must make a real-name registration before entering the schools, and 14-year-old children (or younger) are not allowed to enter the venues without the companion of their parents; littering sundries including peels and small pieces of paper, and carrying or setting equipment of various kinds without permission are strictly prohibited; entering the synthetic playgrounds with spikes or high heels on feet is not allowed.


Meanwhile, in order to standardize the opening management and unify the service standard, Jing’an District Sports Bureau has delivered systematic training to the administrators of the schools opening their venues to the public in collaboration with third parties, demanding all of the administrators to wear the uniform and name tags when they are on duty, and specifying the duties of the administrators, thus securing body-building service for the residents.


“Residents must obey the relevant management rules when coming to and leaving the schools, use the relevant facilities carefully and reasonably when doing exercise in the schools, and follow the arrangements of the administrators.” A relevant official of Jing’an District Sports Bureau said.


Explore Service Mode Better Benefiting the People


The opening of sports venues is warmly welcomed by the residents. Next, Jing’an District Sports Bureau will try its best to optimize and perfect the institution, and optimize the service. For instance, it plans to select some schools from the first batch of schools opening their venues to the public to pilot new means of management, so as to conduct innovative exploration to management mode. It plans to select Shanghai Minli High School in the southern part to introduce facial recognition system into the school to pilot intelligent venue entry-and-exit registration; to select Zhabei No. 3 Central Primary School and Zhiyuan Road Primary School in the middle part to pilot the door-to-door body-building resident registration and publicity service of neighborhood committees; to select Yuqun Middle School in the northern part to pilot QR code registration that asks people to scan the QR code before entering the venue to do physical exercise. Jing’an District Sports Bureau will evaluate and summarize the effects of the three ways of management, to probe into the scientific and reasonable entry-and-exit management mode, and use the successful experience of the selected units to further optimize the management service of all of the schools opening the sports venues to the public.


Meanwhile, it will further perfect the management institution and measures of the school sports venue opening work, formulate emergency response plans for safe opening, and summarize and publicize work experience, to get ready for the second and third batch of opening work, and to ensure that the school sports venue opening work can achieve its goals and deliver concrete outcomes.


Jing’an District Sports Bureau has indicated that it will continue going deep into the sites to conduct investigations, optimize the “One Plan for One School” scheme on the basis of the specific cases of different schools and the needs of the residents living in the surrounding areas, communicate the schemes with the schools and residents, and coordinate with the schools to actively create conditions for setting scientific and reasonable opening items and hours, thus strengthening the opening effects.