Learn First-aid Knowledge in the Immersive Emergency Safety Carnival

Released on:2018-09-27


(Text by Reporter Wu Jingjing/ Photo by Reporter Xiao Mingliang) On the afternoon of September 16, in order to deepen the implementation of the red cross work, and to take the opportunity provided by the construction of the Philanthropic Home to focus on strengthening the construction of the “5-district Philanthropism League” platform, Red Cross Society of China Daning Road Sub-district Branch held the “Red Cross Day” Theme Event and the Immersive Carnival on Emergency Safety at Shanghai Sincere Starlight Plaza.


At the activity site, leaders of Red Cross Society of China Shanghai Branch, and Red Cross Society of China Jing’an District Branch presented flags and plates to the ten red cross medical emergency teams of the “5-district Philanthropism League” delegations including the Community Health Service Center of Daning Road Sub-district, Shanghai University, and DoBe E-Manor, as well as the ten red cross service stations, formally unveiling the “Philanthropic Actions into Business Circles” event. The five medical emergency team delegations standing out from the crowd in the intense preliminary contest competed with each other on CPR skills, creating a hot on-site atmosphere.


While the in-site activities were on the go, the off-site atmosphere was also very hot. In the booth interaction area, Red Cross Society of China Daning Road Sub-district Branch collaborated with Shanghai Sonic Youth Volunteer Service Center to display the special rescue equipment, and to offer the experience in the red cross life experience camp, including crossing the dense smoke, breaking the barriers to escape, tying fire-escape knots, and immersive VR fire escape experience. Many passersby were attracted to participate in the experience, learning first-aid knowledge by interaction. “I had only seen emergency escape skills in promotional videos, and had never tried them. I thought that it was easy, but actually it needed some techniques.” Ms. Chen, a citizen, was very surprised after experiencing the process of breaking a window with an emergency hammer, and realized that talk about stratagems on paper is useless, while practice is a must when it comes to mastering first-aid knowledge and escape skills.


The event this time also invited the member units of the “5-district Party-building League” of Daning Road Sub-district to participate in, further promoted the construction of the “5-district Philanthropism League”, and output red cross service contents with Daning characteristics with a target, thus making the relationship between the Red Cross Society of China and the member units closer, and deepening the creation of the work pattern of coordinated construction and mutual sharing.