2018 Jing’an International Big Data Forum Is Held

Released on:2018-09-28


(Text by Reporter Gu Wu/ Photo by Reporter Xiao Mingliang) On the afternoon of September 18, the 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference · Jing’an International Big Data Forum themed “Big Data and Urban Intelligence—Intelligent City, Useful Integrated Data” was held at Shanghai Exhibition Center. Jin Xingming, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Shanghai Municipal Committee, Lu Xiaodong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jing’an District Committee and Governor of Jing’an District, Zheng Huiqiang, Director of the Research Center of Industry Innovation Ecology System of Shanghai Municipal Soft Science Base, Zhang Ying, General Engineer of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Vincenzo Agüero, Official of United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, He Jifeng, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Cao Jinde, Academician of European Academy of Sciences, and over a thousand domestic and foreign experts and scholars in artificial intelligence and big data attended the forum.


In the forum, Shanghai Big Data Application Innovation Center, the first professional big data supporting institution serving the development of artificial intelligence in China, announced its foundation and held the unveiling ceremony. Following the “Shanghai Big Data Pilot Area for Promoting Urban Management and Social Governance”, the innovation center is another innovative action that Jing’an District took to take the lead in exploring urban fine management to practice the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping for making city management and social governance finer, more scientific, and more intelligent. In the forum, the signing ceremonies of Shanghai Big Data Application Innovation Center and Information System Audit and Control Association (ISACA) were also held, marking that Shanghai would uphold the new development concept, face the future, keep in line with the international standard, and actively utilize big data to improve the development level of urban intelligentization. Under the advocacy of Gao Fuping, Director of the Research Center of Data Legislation of National Engineering Laboratory for Big Data Distribution and Exchange Technologies and Professor of East China University of Political Science and Law, the forum this time also held the release ceremony of “Best Practice Initiative of Personal Information Protection in Data Distribution”, calling for the promotion of the legislation of personal information identity concealment, so as to realize the balance between privacy protection and data utilization, and to promote the positive development of the big data industry.


The reporter learned from the interview that the Jing’an International Big Data Forum this time was held for the third consecutive year in a row. As an important thematic forum of 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference held in Shanghai, the forum this time also arranged multiple excellent thematic speeches, roundtable forums and sub-forums. In the thematic speech session, experts in artificial intelligence and big data from all over the world including He Jifeng, Vincenzo Agüero, Zheng Huiqiang, and Cao Jinde respectively delivered thematic speeches including “Artificial Intelligence Supports Intelligent City”, “Artificial Intelligence—From Commercial Exploitation to Sustainable Development”, “Big Data and Intelligentized Construction of Cities”, and “Artificial Intelligence and the Traffic Control of Intelligent Cities in the Era of Big Data”. In the roundtable speech session themed “Big Data Energizes Intelligent City Innovation”, experts from well-known domestic and foreign universities including University of Toronto of Canada, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, East China Normal University, Shanghai University, and Southeast University, scientific research institutes, and venture capital investment enterprises launched in-depth discussions on issues including “Chinese and Foreign Scholars’ Conversations about Big Data and City Intelligence”, “Capital Accelerates the Development of City Intelligence Industry” and “City Intelligence Application in the Era of Data Intelligence”, pushing the forum to the grand climax.


The forum this time also arranged a sub-forum themed “Sharing Conference of City Intelligence Innovation Projects”, in which the guests from governments, big data enterprises, scientific research institutions and universities, and industry alliances conducted policy interpretations, technology discussions, and case sharings in aspects including “Big Data and Shanghai Shopping”, “Break the AI Illusion to Deeply Apply Earned Value”, “Enterprise Compliance Challenge in Cross-border Data Transmission”, “Cases of Health and Medical Data Protection and Distribution” in succession, letting the guests participating in the forum have a more comprehensive understanding of the applications and practices of big data in city management and planning. Meanwhile, experts in the industry including some domestic scholars, representatives of enterprises, lawyers, and public security personnel held a closed-door expert meeting to launch an in-depth discussion on “Data Opening and Cross-border Data Distribution”. In addition, more than 20 domestic innovative enterprises in big data field launched data intelligence product display activities at the activity site of the forum.