Jing’an District CIIE Volunteer Team Is Established

Released on:2018-10-09


(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin) On September 20, the “Welcome the Grand CIIE and Show the Volunteer Style of Jing’an District” Thematic Event Series of Jing’an District to Welcome the CIIE, and the Establishment Ceremony of Jing’an District CIIE Volunteer Team were held at Jing’an District Party-building Service Center.


During the event, team pennants were presented to the 16 CIIE volunteer teams of Jing’an District at all levels including the CIIE volunteer teams of Jing’an District Volunteer Service Guidance Center and Jing’an Temple Sub-district. In addition, The CIIE volunteering items of each team were also formally released. The reporter learned that nearly 40 items were released on that day, covering multiple aspects including emergency rescue, civilized traveling, waste sorting, one-hour companion, voluntary public benefit, and civilized pet fostering. Next, the volunteer teams would show the good style of the volunteers of Jing’an District through diversified service items in multiple forms, building a strong atmosphere in which units at all levels in Jing’an District welcome the CIIE with great passion.


At the establishment ceremony, all of the CIIE volunteer teams and volunteers swore together that they would put effort into practicing the volunteer spirit of dedication, friendship, mutual support, and improvement, perform their duties well, dedicate themselves to the public selflessly, and serve the CIIE with sincerity, passion, confidence, and wisdom. They also made an appeal together: participate in the relevant CIIE activities and pour out wisdom to the CIIE actively to be a qualified CIIE volunteer; devote into public benefit services with practical actions, secure a successful CIIE with warm and meticulous services, show the warmth of Shanghai with the civilized and harmonious mindset, and be a promoter of the spirit of the city. On that day, members of the volunteer teams also had a training course in the CIIE knowledge and an interactive CIIE quiz.