West Nanjing Road Sub-District Initiates the Block Culture Combo Cultural Masters Work with the Sub-District to Reserve the Shanghai Cultural Imprints

Released on:2018-10-09


(Text by Reporter Yuan Wenjun / Photo by Reporter Xiao Mingliang) Shanghai Center Theatre, Shanghai TV Station, People‘s Fine Arts Publishing House and other “well-known” public cultural institutions in Shanghai joined hands with the communities to reserve the Shanghai cultural imprints. News released from the opening ceremony of the 3rd Nanxi Art Season held on September 21, showing that the Party Working Committee as well as the Office of West Nanjing Road Sub-district would take the initiatives to release the “Block Culture Combo” and pioneer in exploring the new mutual governance mode to promote the community integration through community-level cultural services. In the event, cultural celebrities, teachers and students, residents, totally more than 100 people attended the opening ceremony – “2018 West Nanjing Road Sub-district Mid-autumn Cool Enjoying Music Appreciation”.


The responsible person of the Development Office of West Nanjing Road Sub-district told us that under the theme of “protecting the Shanghai culture and telling the past stories of West Nanjing Road”, the activities of the current Art Season aimed at extending the connotation of the cultural brand “Seeing the World through Zhang Garden”, focusing on the construction of the business circle of West Nanjing Road, and combining the shopping culture, the business circle and Shanghai-style culture together to reflect the results of the “West Nanjing Road Imprints” featured project. Surrounding the four sections, namely Image of West Nanjing Road, Storytelling of West Nanjing Road, Design of West Nanjing Road, and Walk on West Nanjing Road, the activities were designed to deeply explored the local customs in the buildings as well as the communities with sounds, images, pictures, lectures, cultural and creative products and a series of other three-dimensional means to create the cultural brand with social influence and the characteristics of West Nanjing Road and endowed the construction of “benefiting the West Nanjing Road community and offering charms of the city center” the inheritance and meaning of history, business, culture, tourism and other diversified values. More than one hundred representatives of community celebrities, community organizations and young students attended the West Nanjing Road Imprints project.  


What’s worth mentioning is the “Block Culture Combo” officially released this time, has chosen 10 excellent public culture units from the jurisdiction of West Nanjing Road Sub-district for the first group, which played significant roles in Shanghai as well as in China. As a complete new platform for public cultural services, these units will upgrade part of their business place to public apace, or provide non-profit cultural services to form the close interactive block combo with the sub-district and residential areas and mutually reserve and copy the city’s cultural memories. Meanwhile, through the diversified activities, the combo will attract the white-collar employees and community residents to participate in, fully accelerate the mutual fusion of buildings, business circles and the communities and open new thoughts for the building of cultural service space and upgrade of the energy level.


It’s learnt that the current art season will last until September 30. During the period, six themed activities will come to the stage in order. Besides the Mid-autumn Cool Enjoying Music Concert, the art season also include Image of West Nanjing Road – “Nancy in my Eyes” Photography Exhibition, Walk on West Nanjing Road – “10,000 Steps Trailing” Witnessing History Orienteering Game, Nancy Art Community – Mid-autumn Poem Recitation Meeting, Nancy Book Love Park – “Enjoying the Childhood, Love in Mid-autumn Festival” Parental Activity and Design of West Nanjing Road – Yifu Vocational College Special Performance of Community and School Interaction.