Well Perform “Combination, Communication, Management and Improvement”, to Promote the “Four-Responsibility Synergy” Mechanism to Take Root in Jing’an Civil Affairs

Released on:2018-10-10


The establishment of the “four-responsibility synergy” mechanism is an important innovative measure for Shanghai to implement the great decision of the CPC Central Committee for comprehensively strengthening the party discipline. Over the past year, following the instructions of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and the CPC Jing’an District Committee, the CPC Jing’an District Civil Affairs Bureau Committee has closely focused on the main line of comprehensively strengthening the party discipline, organically combined the requirements of the higher authorities, the expectations of the people, the actual needs and the community-level experience, actively practiced innovation, worked hard on the concept, mechanism and means of the “four-responsibility synergy”, well performed the “combination, communication, management and improvement”, and promoted the “four-responsibility synergy” mechanism to take root in Jing’an civil affairs, providing solid political guarantee for the spanning development of the civil affairs of Jing’an District. 


First, find solution from the perspective of “combination” and firmly build the “four-responsibility synergy” system


From three levels, namely the party committee, the discipline inspection committee, and the officials and staff, the party committee of the bureau has established and improved the chain of responsibility with organic synergy and layer-by-layer communication so that the pressure transmission path and the responsibility network are continuously compacted and consolidated in the “collaboration” to form the joint force for responsibility performance. First, implement the responsibility system for the construction of the party conduct, and the honest and clean governance. At the beginning of each year, according to the relevant requirements of the district party committee and on the basis of soliciting the opinions of the department and the community-level units, thoroughly sort out the risk points for clean governance, and revise and improve the content of the Responsibility Statement of Construction of the Party Conduct and the Honest and Clean Governance. The main leader and leaders with specific duties, leaders with specific duties and each section, and each subordinated unit will sign the Responsibility Statement of Construction of the Party Conduct and the Honest and Clean Governance level by level so that each responsible subject can clarify the “responsibility”, as well as know and fulfill their duties and responsibilities, so as to ensure the transmission of pressure from top to down. Second, continuously improve the long-term mechanism. The party committee of the bureau will implement the combination of the “four-responsibility synergy” mechanism with the central work of the CPC Jing’an District Committee and the key tasks in the civil affairs field, and achieve “three incorporations”: incorporate into the key agenda of the party committee, make regular research, and achieve the simultaneous deployment, implementation, inspection, and assessment with the party building work and the key work of the bureau; incorporate into the study of the central group of the party committee, and make the important decision-making of the higher authorities on the construction of the party conduct, and the honest and clean governance and the “four-responsibility synergy” mechanism as a fixed learning content; incorporate into the responsibility system of the party building work, further improve the “three major and one big” decision-making, the daily supervision of officials, and the evaluation of work effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of “comprehensively strengthening the party discipline” and scientific party building. 


Second, endeavor on “communication” and create a public opinion atmosphere of the “four-responsibility synergy” 


The party committee of the bureau has focused on strengthening ideological and political education, and strived to create a clean and self-disciplined environment, so that all the party members and officials could further strengthen their ideals and convictions and consciously adhere to the bottom line of clean governance. First, strengthen the education on clean governance. The party committee of the bureau learns first and acts first, and consciously learns the party discipline regulations in the forms of central group study and individual self-study. At the end of the year, combined with the inner-Party criticism and self-criticism meeting, the party character analysis has been earnestly carried out. Each year, in conjunction with the Integrity Education Month, we have organized and carried out a series of activities among all party members and officials, and focused on warning education through relevant cases related with the department and the region. Grasp the important holidays and promptly carry out the clean governance reminder. We have seized the important time points such as promotion of officials, post adjustment and new recruitments to conduct education in conjunction with pre-employment conversation. Second, carry out various educational activities. While carrying out traditional clean governance education, the party committee has actively expanded the form of education and strived to improve the actual effects of education through visit and lean, book reading and essay solicitation, knowledge contests and other forms of activities, so that all party members and officials can further clarify the content requirements of political discipline and political rules and keep political discipline and political rules in mind.


Third, work hard on “management” and give play to the supervisory role of the “four-responsibility synergy”


The party committee of the bureau has endeavored to create a responsibility system for party conduct and clean governance building with full coverage under the principle of “grasping from superior to subordinated level, with responsible person at each level and everything by each responsible person” and earnestly fulfilled the responsibility to be well documented. First, strengthen the supervision of key projects. Strictly implement the decision-making system for the “three majors and one big” issues, strengthen the supervision and control over the selection and appointment of officials in the bureau and institutions, the use of large amounts of funds, decision-making on major issues, and important project arrangements. Second, put strict management on key funds. For the use of large amounts of funds in social assistance, home-based care by community, and military cadre services, strengthen daily supervision and ensure that funds are used in a consistent manner. Third, focus on the supervision of key areas. Aiming at the annual inspection of the community registration management, review and distribution of subsidies for home-based care services, the policy subsidies for the aged care institutions, etc., which have the nature of examination and approval and law enforcement in the civil affairs field, develop the purposeful key supervision and promote the normalized operation of administrative power through targeted regulation, open party and government affairs execution, third-party supervision, etc.


Fourth, be serious on “improvement” to ensure the actual effects of the “four-responsibility synergy”


The party committee of the bureau has reversed the transmission of pressure to rectify the issues through strengthening the examination on the fulfillment of responsibilities and well performing the accountability system. First, regularly supervise for rectification. The party committee of the bureau regularly conducts inspections and examinations on the implementation of responsibility system for the party conduct, and clean governance building, conducts reminding talks and urges relevant responsible people to make rectifications within time limit. Second, conduct self-examination and self-correction. In combination with the various special normative work carried out by the city and the district as well as the inspection of the district committee, the party committee of the bureau organizes special activities to seriously carry out self-examination and self-correction within the bureau system, and timely carry out standardization and rectification of the problems found so as to infer the whole from a single instance. Third, pay attention to the image of the unit. Bureau leaders, discipline inspection officials, and Organizational Personnel Section regularly inspect the units going through wedding and community registration, conduct on-the-spot investigations and conversations, listen to the opinions and suggestions of the masses, carefully sort out the various problems reflected, strengthen supervision and rectification, and continuously promote the service level of the window units. 


Over the past year, the CPC Jing’an District Civil Affairs Bureau Committee has made some explorations and practices on the “four-responsibility synergy” mechanism, and has achieved some results. In the next step, under the leadership of the CPC Jing’an District Committee, we will further strengthen and improve the responsibility implementation mechanism with a clear subject, organic synergy, layer by layer transmission, and powerful accountability, strive to realize the transition of all responsible entities from “I am required to do” to “I want to do” in performing the party governance and administration, and promote the comprehensive and strict administration of the party to achieve new results in the field of Jing’an civil affairs.