Women’s Federation of Jing’an District Holds Family Cultural Festival to Inherit Great Family Traditions and Co-construct a Wonderful Life

Released on:2018-10-10


(Text by Reporter Shi Danni) Hosted by Women’s Federation of Jing’an District, the 15th Family Cultural Festival themed “inheriting great family traditions and co-constructing a wonderful life” as well as the 20th Publicity Week of Family Education were held in Shanghai Merry Hotel on September 19th.


During the activities on that day, Women’s Federation of Jing’an District presented family photos to the representatives of “four-generation” families and gave flowers to the representatives of the winners of Five Virtues Family, the Most Beautiful Family in China, Civilized Family in Shanghai and the Most Beautiful Family in Shanghai.


The activity also invited Hu Shensheng, professor of sociology from Shanghai University to deliver a speech on Learning “Three Emphases” from President Xi to Build up the Construction of Family Culture. By means of carrying out the construction of family culture, and exerting the important role of families in the inheritance of Chinese culture and publicity of family virtues, more families can take action from learning and understanding, thus driving the formation of a positive atmosphere of “happy family, friendly neighborhood and harmonious society”.


It is learned that Women’s Federation of Jing’an District has been grounded on community level this year and given full play to the major role of people to extensively carry out the theme activity of “inheriting great family traditions and co-constructing a wonderful life”. Besides, the federation has successively launched the activity on “Cultural Tour for the Most Beautiful Family”, which was based on the unfading artistic buildings with profound cultural deposits and included 15 attractions from six dimensions, namely the lane culture, architectural culture, historic culture, warehouse culture, art culture and scientific culture, to let visitors walk from the past towards the future in a time sequence; it has also launched the activity on finding “four-generation” families within the whole district to seek their inheritance and publicity of Chinese traditional virtues with the passage of time; women’s federations of streets and towns have also widely implemented a series of activities in various forms on passing down family instructions, setting family rules and communicating family traditions according to their own features.