Jing’an District Holds the Mid-Autumn Charity Party of the “Ingenuity” Construction Site Party Building Alliance

Released on:2018-10-10



(Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing/ Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen) To better care for the constructors and participators who have made contributions to the International Jing’an and the beautiful blocks, to enrich and invigorate the spiritual and cultural life of migrant workers, and to build a good humanistic environment for harmonious development, the Mid-Autumn Charity Party, led and organized by the Cultural and Art Committee of Jing’an District “Joint Action” Regionalized Party Building Joint Conference and Jing’an District “Ingenuity” Construction Site Party Building Alliance, was held in the construction site of the new Jing’an Education College Affiliated School on Jing’an No. 80 plot on September 21.


This year’s charity performance aims to strengthen the political leadership to and organizational care for frontline builders, and better serve and promote the development of the urban construction of Jing’an District. At the site, more than 200 representatives of construction workers who remained on their posts during the Mid-Autumn Festival, as well as members of the CPC “Ingenuity” Construction Site Party Building Alliance Branch and the surrounding residents watched the performance. The Organization Department of the CPC Jing’an District Committee said that it’s necessary to give full play to the advantages of regional party building, take culture as guide, and care about the needs of frontline builders on thoughts and culture; to integrate the services to floating party members and migrant workers into party building services, pay attention to the political function of the community-level party organizations at the construction site, and promote the harmonious inter-growth of the culture of party building and construction site. While performing the own work well, it’s necessary to pay attention to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, consciously unite and converge around the party organizations, make joint efforts together, and push forward together so that the community-level party building of Jing’an could have more characteristics, better advantages and brighter highlights.


In the party, the dance “Blooming Flowers and Full Moon”, acrobatic “Jar Tricks” and cross talk “Let’s Talk about Mid-Autumn Festival” were extremely splendid and deeply favored by the workers. The curtain call song of the party specially selected the “Chinese Dream”, which not only represents the working principle of Jing’an District Party Building Service Center to be dedicated to building a warm home for the party members and the people, and living “an ideal life”, but also expresses the common wishes of Jing’an citizens and new Shanghai migrant workers to work together to build a beautiful home.