Daning Tulip Park Becomes a “Pink Sea”

Released on:2018-10-24


(Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing / Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen) On Oct. 14, Daning Tulip Park became a “Pink Sea” as 3,500 female runners from 54 cities across China gathered here to attend the 2018 Shanghai Jing’an International Women’s Marathon. This competition is a Grade A1 International Competition accredited by Chinese Athletic Association. It is the first female-themed marathon competition in Jing’an District, intended to encourage women to exercise and care for themselves by combining with the campaign of the 2018 “Women's Breast Cancer Prevention Month”. District leaders including Lu Xiaodong, Wu Liping, Bao Yingjing and Ye Qiang, together with Zhao Guangsheng, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau, attended the opening ceremony.


The competition set the 10-mile women’s individual running and 4.5-mile men and women mixed running. On the two sides of the racing track, the crowd boosted the morale of the runners unceasingly. Ms. Qin, who works in a foreign company, has attended marathon competitions for many times. According to her, running a marathon in a park with favorable environment and less interference is a special and comfortable experience. The reporter learned that, white collars made up a great proportion of all the runners. Also, there were some mothers and foreigners. After the competition, Gu Yiwen from Shanghai, Cao Qinghong from Beijing and Hang Chun from Shanghai won the first, second and third place of the 10-mile marathon respectively.


This competition was sponsored by Chinese Athletic Association and Jing’an District People’s Government, aiming to fully implement the initiative of Shanghai in promoting the “Four Brands”, communicate the concept of green, environmental protection, health and commonweal of marathon, build a new business card for the sports of Jing’an District based on brand competitions, and show the urban area image of “International Jing’an, a Dream Paradise”.


To ensure the smooth running of the competition, the organizing committee of the competition organized over 200 volunteers to provide meticulous volunteer services in various positions including competition guidance, supply distribution, order maintenance, and arrival and departure service. A number of supply points and medical first-aid stations were set up along the racing track, and more than 80 medical staffs were equipped to ensure perfect sports safety of the players. At the terminus of the competition, a nail art area, a photo area and a post-game relaxation area were set up, to provide relaxing services like muscles stretching for participants after the competition.