2018 Beizhan Sub-district Double Ninth Festival Golden Wedding Celebration Is Held

Released on:2018-11-03


(Text by Reporter Li Ying/Photo by Reporter Xiao Mingliang) To further promote the respect and love for the elderly, spread the secret of happy marriage and excellent family culture, guide the young generation to show “filial respect for the elderly and gratitude for regurgitation-feeding”, and create the atmosphere of harmonious family and society, on October 17th, with the theme of “Holding Hands to Celebrate the Golden Wedding, Spending Double Ninth Festival Together in Love”, the 2018 Beizhan Sub-district Double Ninth Festival Golden Wedding Celebration sponsored by the Beizhan Sub-district Office was successfully held in the Buzi Academy. 15 old couples with a golden wedding, the elderly, and the elderly volunteers from Beizhan Sub-district attended this celebration.


Under the introduction of the host, the golden wedding couples held hands, walked side by side on the red carpet, moved step by step toward their golden wedding happiness with the music of Wedding March. The Sub-district leaders presented each golden wedding couple with commemorative gifts including a golden wedding memorial cup and the golden wedding commemorative photos.


Then, 5 golden wedding couples shared their golden wedding stories during their past 50 years. Some talked about romantic love, some talked about family responsibilities, and some talked about marriage management. Although the content was different, the core of “home”, their mutual love, trust and tolerance, and their responsibility, bearing and contribution to their family was the same. On the site, the golden wedding couples progressed constantly love interaction, expressing mutual gratitude and telling love words to each other to make the atmosphere cheerful and warm. Couples tacit understanding games further enhanced the joyful atmosphere on site, and a variety of crafty questions, such as “what’s your wife’s biggest shortcoming?” made a lot of golden wedding couples ponder for a long time and triggered unceasing laughter. After the fierce competition, two couples stood out and won the title of the “Family with Best Tacit Understanding of the Beizhan Sub-district Golden Wedding Celebration”.


After the happy games, the staff presented a surprise gift for the golden wedding couples - the golden wedding blessings from their children. Golden marriage not only was a commemoration to the couple, but also to the whole family. The gratitude and blessings from their children moved deeply the old couples. In this happy atmosphere, the staff presented the golden wedding cake to make the golden wedding couples sweeter. They also shared this sweetness with all the guests and friends on the scene. Later, Xu Guoping, the famous flute player and educator, and Luan Shuwei, the senior classic reading teacher of Buzi Academy, presented the two programs of flute music and the Book of Songs recitation as blessings to the golden wedding couples. The Golden Wedding Celebration was successfully concluded in the warm atmosphere with all people present singing romantic classics together.


The golden weddings all expressed that the Golden Wedding Celebration was organized with great care, and showed their gratitude to the care and dedication to the elderly from the Beizhan Sub-district for giving them a happy, surprising and meaningful golden wedding anniversary, and leaving them an unforgettable memory.