The “CIIE” Security Service Team Is Established

Released on:2018-11-08


(Text by Reporter Peng Xuhui/Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen) On the morning of October 26, Linlin Municipal Maintenance Company signed the Agreement on Cooperative Security for the CIIE with Shanghai Hongqiao Transportation Management Company in Zoumatang Bridge Maintenance Base, to establish the CIIE Security Service Team. According to the content of the agreement, Linlin Municipal Maintenance Company will cooperate with Shanghai Hongqiao Transportation Management Company in accordance with the principle of advantages complementation and resource sharing, and carry out matching security activities such as counterpart combing, counterpart checking, counterpart confirming and counterpart supporting to ensure key areas and Hongqiao core area of Jing’an District making its due contribution to the success of the first CIIE in a most beautiful, most civilized and most orderly state.


The reporter learned that Shanghai Hongqiao Transportation Management Company played a vital role in the CIIE. It had undertaken the facility security tasks of 30 roads, 3 trunk highways, 34 bridges, 7 tunnels and 7 public toilets in the core areas and radiation areas. “Linlin Company established the CIIE Security Service Team at a critical moment, which provided a strong support for the security work implementation of Hongqiao Transportation Management Company in the CIIE.” The person in charge of Hongqiao Transportation Management Company said that from the 23rd of this month, the work of the CIIE security had entered the 24-hour full coverage security phase, which was a heavy and tight task. Through this cooperation with Linlin Company, everyone would be more confident and more powerful, to serve the fine management of the city better, maintain the facilities better, make the city a more beautiful place, and strive to create a safe, clean and orderly urban environment for the CIIE.


The person in charge of Linlin Company stated that the newly established CIIE Security Service Team would focus on the key points and difficulties in accordance with the requirements of the industry management department and in accordance with the security work plan of Jing’an District Urban Development Group. They would focus on the “Zero Tolerance” on defects of municipal facilities including roads, bridges, and tunnels. They will put maximum effort to refine and implement the maintenance, repair and emergency disposal work, and ensure the municipal facilities in the district fully meeting the requirements of “Benchmarking First-class Standard, Embodying Double Bests, and Surpassing Shanghai World Expo”. Linlin Company would also take this flag presenting and signing ceremony as a new starting point, and, with the theme of refined management, aim at a more orderly, safer and cleaner environment, to comprehensively improve the quality of the urban areas, ensure the city with a more tidy, beautiful road appearance, and a more brilliant vision, and make sure the various service security works on the urban facilities for the CIIE are well performed.