Autumn with Yellow Ginkgo Leaves: Most Beautiful Season of the Year

Released on:2018-11-28



(Text/Photograph by Xiao Mingliang) Recently, the ginkgo leaves in Daning Tulip Park changed from green to yellow, showing a golden color and adding a strong autumn flavor.

It is learned from the park that there are 428 ginkgo trees with an average DBH of 28 cm, and the largest DBH is 46 cm. The ginkgo trees are mainly distributed around the North Outer Ring Ginkgo Avenue (Daning Xiaocheng), the North Gate Central Parterre (near the white sand beach), the West Gate Shanmen Pavilion and the three bridges, among which Ginkgo Avenue is the site with the most ginkgo trees.

Staff of the greening department of the park introduced that ginkgo trees are straight-growing type specially for viewing. If the weather is good, the most appropriate time of appreciating ginkgo leaves will officially come next week.