"Good Stories in Communities" Told through "Good Voice in Communities"

Released on:2018-11-28


(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin) On November 21, the final of Jing'an District's "Hearing Your Voice" Speech Competition for Community Workers was held at the Multi-Function Hall on the fifth floor of Haishang Culture Center. Liu Xie, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jiang'an District Committee and Deputy District Mayor, attended the event and wished community workers to work hard and make constant efforts to contribute to the bright future.

"My Friend Circle in the Community", "Who Am I"... With a silver voice and deep feeling, 12 finalists who stood out through several rounds of matches told "good stories in the community" which were undergone by them or people around them. These stories were ordinary and trivial, but indicated that community workers gave up their families for everyone and made efforts and explorations to create a warm and caring atmosphere for their communities from several aspects. After the fierce competition and the onsite marking by judges, Bao Weili from the Community Cultural Activity Center of Caojiadu Sub-district won the championship. Zhu Jiaying from Jiangning Road Sub-district, Xu Xiaoying from Baoshan Road Sub-district, Qin Yinqi from Tianmu West Road Sub-district and Qiang Hong from Caojiadu Sub-district obtained four special awards, respectively "Good Voice", "Good Story", "Good Feelings" and "Good Elegance".

Co-sponsored by Jing'an District Civil Affairs Bureau and Jing'an District Association of Social Workers, the competition aims to further improve the writing ability, expression ability and speech level of community workers in Jing'an District, find good stories in communities, display good images of social workers and encourage community workers to uphold their beliefs and become warm, emotional, thoughtful and sweet workers in the modern society.