The Fifteenth Neighborhood Festival of Shimen No.2 Road Sub-district Is Held

Released on:2018-11-28


(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin/Photograph by Reporter Yu Ruwen) On November 17, the Fifteenth Neighborhood Festival of Shimen No.2 Road Sub-district was held in 1501 Art Studio. Themed with "Smart Life", the Neighborhood Festival adopted the combined mode between the offline theme activities and "Sports Carnival" online brisk walking, creating rich cheerful atmosphere within the sub-district. Liu Xie, Member of the Standing Committee of Shimen No.2 Road Sub-district Committee and Deputy District Mayor of Jing'an attended the activity, and launched the "Shimen No.2 Road Neighborhood Connection" (Beta Vision), the comprehensive convenience service platform of Shimen No.2 Road Sub-district. Principals, NPC members, CPPCC members concerned of Xincun Village, Chongming District, the jointly constructed unit by district committees, offices, bureaus, collaborating with Shimen No.2 Road Sub-district, as well as principals of community regional party building & joint construction unit and community residents, a total of nearly one thousand participants took part in the activity.

Upgrade the Community Comprehensive Public Service Platform

As one of the measures of the Party Working Committee and Office of Shimen No.2 Road Sub-district to vigorously implement the job specifications of the district committee and district government on building the normal long-term mechanism for the massive research, "Shimen No.2 Road Neighborhood Connection" (Beta Vision) officially operated on that day has placed emphasis on the exploration and integration of community service items, and the establishment of the integrated comprehensive service platform of the community, so as to actually enhance the precision and refinement of community services.

It is learned by the reporter that, the "Shimen No.2 Road Neighborhood Connection", the comprehensive service platform of Shimen No.2 Road Sub-district for upgrading and optimizing the Sub-district WeChat Official Account "Shimen No.2 Road Sub-district Neighborhood", has focused on the livelihood service demands of community residents, as well as striven to expand and extend the service functions. Leveraging the four sub-modules, namely, "One-Click Convenience in Life", "One-Click Convenience in Culture", "One-Click Convenience in Procedures Handling", and "One-Click Convenience in Folk Conditions", the platform has built a bridge between the sub-district and community residents for their around-the-clock online communication.

"Shimen No.2 Road Neighborhood Connection" will gradually realize the three major service functions as Online Smooth Handling, Precise Service and Folk Conditions Collection, as well as establish and improve the convenient affairs handling pattern featuring "Online Reservation and Fast Handling" of such community service items as livelihood guarantee and community integrated affairs handling, which will provide support for the optimization of community governance to achieve the refinement of community administration and services. In the meantime of integrating various community service resources, the platform will consider the service demands of diverse groups to fulfill the precise information push concerning such service venues and categories as cultural education and meal offering for the elder, so as to render visible convenience and benefits to mass community residents.

Shimen No.2 Road Sub-district has further established entity service stations in various residential quarters under jurisdiction. Thus, such online-offline combined pattern has practically improved the precision of mass service and refinement of service management.

Attract More Residents to Join in the "Large Family"

On the activity site, the reporter noticed that activities in the five sections as Beauty of Charity, Beauty of Innocence, Beauty of Delicacies, Beauty of Pets and Beauty of Sports have attracted a plenty of community residents, creating the crowded and busy atmosphere. In the "Beauty of Charity" section, departments and diverse community units like Community Life Service Center and time-honored brands within the community have cooperated to offer convenience services to community residents, and conduct the sales of profit concession concerning quality agricultural and sideline products, snack food and distinctive agricultural products. In the "Beauty of Innocence" section, diversified children's entertainment facilities have been established, among which, the micro "Beautiful Home" Kid Maze with jurisdictions under the sub-district as the prototype were particularly welcomed by participants. The "Beauty of Delicacies" has actively motivated community residents and units to compete with each other with their adept cuisines, through which, the constant improvement of people's life quality over the 40 years since the reform and opening-up can be appreciated from the changes on people's dining tables. The "Beauty of Pets" has emphatically exhibited the photos of cute pets of community residents to encourage the civilized pet raising.

It is learned that since its initial opening in 2003, the annual Neighborhood Festival has been attaching importance to the "emotional experience", innovating in the "new form", and endeavoring to "bring people practical benefits". The diversified forms and contents close to life have attracted residents to integrate into the "Large Family" from their small family. The activity, as a new carrier of new neighborhood relationship featuring mutual caring, mutual understanding and mutual help, has become the featured cultural brand desired by community residents. Over the past 15 years, the Neighborhood Festival has been consistently endowing more profound connotations with the building of harmonious community, harmonious neighborhood and harmonious family. In the process of guiding residents to more actively engage in the construction of livable community home of peace and pleasure, and gain a more thorough understanding of the changes around, the festival has collaborated with residents to jointly build a civilized, harmonious and happy "Shimen No.2 Road Sub-district Neighborhood" community.