Jing’an District Launches “119” Fire Publicity Month in 2018

Released on:2018-11-29


(Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing/Photograph by Reporter Yu Ruwen) At 8:40 on Nov. 13, smoke was rising from many places in No. 1 Building of Jing’an IMIX PARK at No. 155, Gaoping Road. “It’s on fire!” Onsite staff in the mall immediately used the fire extinguishers and pressed the manual alarm button to send the alarm to the fire control room... It was a drill of fire-fighting, rescue and evacuation in a large-scale commercial complex, which took only eight minutes to extinguish the spreading fire.

On that morning, the “119” Fire Publicity Month in Jing’an District was officially launched with the theme of “Participation by all People for Fire Prevention and Control”. Wang Xinjian, Political Commissar of the Municipal Fire Department, Lu Xiaodong, Party Secretary of the CPC Jing’an District Committee and District Mayor, and Duan Wenlong, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the District People’s Congress, attended the event.

Relevant person in charge of the Firehouse Branch of Jing’an Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau said that the fire-fighting and rescue drill aimed at enhancing the fire safety awareness of commercial complexes, improving the concept of responsibility subject of fire safety of the property management company; training the comprehensive fire-fighting and rescue team, enabling people to gain hands-on experience from the fire-fighting and rescue in a commercial complex, and improving the technical and tactical abilities of organization and command, personnel evacuation, and fire-fighting and rescue for various types of disaster accidents. At the same time, it was also a test of the operation level and specialization level of the comprehensive fire-fighting and rescue team in Jing’an District.

The event commended the advanced units and personnel of fire publicity ambassadors in 2018, and provided fire-fighting equipment for community mini-fire stations in the whole district. Fire extinguishing equipment exhibition, fire-fighting achievement exhibition, fire case warning, interactive experience and other thematic exhibition areas have been set up on site and around.

It is reported that during the “119” Fire Publicity Month, Jing’an District will continue to set off a fire publicity boom in the forms of opening fire stations and experience halls, and issuing fire-fighting banners, posters and safety books.