"Zero Distance" Service for People's Livelihood, "Heart-to-Heart" Quality Service

Released on:2018-12-01


(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin/Photograph by Yu Ruwen) On the morning of November 21, the Community Convenience Store of Beizhan Sub-district, also known as the Fourth Branch of Diliuliangyou, was officially opened at No. 307, Middle Tianmu Road, providing residents in the surrounding communities with safe, satisfying and reassuring cereals and oils products, rice and flour products, fruits and vegetables, raw meat, cooked food, daily necessities and other commodities. This is also the in-depth cooperation between Beizhan Sub-district and Kaikai Group. By focusing on the development of community commerce, it has attached great importance to the "last meter" of residents' life, strengthened the connotation of community service of benefiting the people and making them convenient, created a heart-to-heart service project for the convenience of the people, and realized " zero distance" of people's livelihood service as well as "heart-to-heart" quality service.

Reporters on the scene saw that although the convenience store only covers an area of 150 m2, it provides various kinds of commodities. More than 300 kinds of commodities, including over 40 kinds of fruits and vegetables, over 10 kinds of raw meat and over 20 kinds of cooked food, were classified and placed in an orderly manner. Three bargain-priced vegetables, namely Chinese cabbage priced RMB 0.5 per jin, radish priced RMB 0.5 per jin and brassica chinensis priced RMB 0.8 per jin, were quickly snapped up by customers. Uncle Zhang, who just "robbed" radish and brassica chinensis, told the reporters that he came here after hearing this new convenience store next to his neighborhood opened, and knew exactly what commodities there were after the visit. "The vegetables here are fresh and cheap. The most important thing is that the convenience store is close to our home, making it convenient for us to do grocery shopping." Reporters learned that the community convenience store is opened at 7:30 a.m. and closed at 7:30 p.m. every day, and the 12-hour service mode of "Diliuliangyou + non-staple food + cooked food" can basically meet the needs of residents in the surrounding neighborhood for "seven necessities" in their daily life.

According to the store staff, in order to further satisfy the consumption habits of young people, it also provides white-collar lunch and coffee in the store. In terms of payment methods, customers can not only use WeChat, Alipay and other payment modes, but also apply palm vein payment, which is safer and more convenient. Palm vein payment is a new type of payment method to confirm the identity of customers and pay for consumption behavior by scanning vein lines of a customer's palm. The customer only needs to input the data of his or her palm vein to register and link with an account, and then he or she can complete the payment by scanning the palm. In the future, the convenience store will also adjust the commodity structure according to the different needs of residents, and launch distinctive commodity types and various promotional activities according to different seasons and holidays, so that community residents and white-collar workers working nearby can truly feel the "zero distance" quality service, which will in return form a "win-win" situation of economic and social benefits.

While providing high-quality and convenient community commercial services, the community convenience store also demonstrates a feature of "public welfare". In addition to setting up public welfare refrigerators in the store to provide free drinking water for outdoor workers such as sanitation workers, and to provide free vegetables and flour products for special vulnerable groups in communities, the store also issues the Diliuliangyou service card with home delivery service to people over 70 years old, the disabled and those who have difficulty in moving in the Beizhan Sub-district.

At the opening ceremony of the convenience store, Beizhan Sub-district and Kaikai Group also signed the Cooperation Agreement on Convenience Services for the Elderly and Disabled in Communities. In the future, Kaikai Group will regularly provide volunteer services for the elderly in Beizhan Sub-district Nursing Home and the needy and lonely seniors in the communities, actively participate in the volunteer service for "Sunshine Home" in the sub-district, care for vulnerable groups with special difficulties in the communities, fully connect the sub-district and continue regularly providing convenience services in the communities under the jurisdiction of the sub-district, so as to provide convenience for residents to shop, and fulfill its social responsibility as a state-owned enterprise of Jing'an District.