More Citizens Can Buy Fresh and Rationally-priced Food on Their Doorstep

Released on:2018-12-04


(Text by Reporter Wu Jingjing/Photograph by Xiao Mingliang) Nowadays, the grocery shopping has changed dramatically compared with that in the past. For example, the street food market has turned into the indoor market, and then the standardization transformation pilot was set in the indoor food market, and the standardized market has basically achieved full coverage.

Under the guidance of the municipal and district commerce committees, the Zhonghai Food Market was transformed by Shanghai Daning Asset Management (Group) Co., Ltd. according to the specifications of the model standardized food market from October to November last year. Zhonghai Food Market was officially opened on November 11 last year and became the first model standardized food market in the district. The group immediately introduced the brand of "Wanyou Fair"; and on November 28 of that year, another model standardized food market, "Wanyou Fair", was also opened grandly. In the past year of operating, the two food markets have been favored by residents for their complete range of food, low price and good quality. The "Wanyou Fair" has become the latest type of food market in the current market with a clean environment of petty bourgeoisie feeling, integrated management of modular functions and O2O online and offline sales.

The products are traceable, relieving customers from worries

As new type of agricultural product supermarkets, Zhonghai Food Market and "Wanyou Fair" Market have adopted a unified payment model. They have already realized electronic unified settlement and marked prices on electronic labels so that customers no longer have to worry about shortweight, wrong changes and other problems. The "Wanyou Fair" not only supports online payment means such as Alipay and WeChat, but also has opened up online sales channels where the in-store fresh goods can be purchased.

At the same time, the two markets are equipped with unified electronic traceability balance to realize the docking of the ERP system with electronic balance and labels. Specifically, the traceability QR code of each product will be displayed on its electronic label, so customers can check the product information only by scanning the code with their mobile phones. The reporter tested it on the spot. When scanning the code, the information of Chinese cabbage on the shelf selling at 0.99 yuan/jin can be checked. Its place of origin was Weifang City of Shandong Province, the storage time was 8:00 a.m. on the same day, and the batch information, selling location and contact phone number were also shown on it, ensuring that the product was safe and traceable.

Complete range of goods with price advantage

According to the introduction, there is obvious difference between the transformed Zhonghai Food Market and the traditional standardized markets in terms of operation and management mode. The mode of simple rental site has been changed to the existing direct operation or joint operation mode; the market management company has become the "big vendor" of the food market; and the goods on shelves are "self-support", which are uniformly purchased and distributed by the market management company. In addition, brands such as Bright Food, Tramy, Shuanghui and Mingzhuhu have been invited to enter the market. Since the opening, the turnover of the market has doubled compared with that in the past.

At present, Zhonghai Food Market and "Wanyou Fair" have external business areas of more than 800 square meters and over 1,000 square meters respectively, which can basically meet the needs of families for daily purchases. The reporter visited the Zhonghai Food Market, and found that there were more than 150 varieties of vegetables on sale, and all of them looked fresh and juicy. It is said that all vegetables are sold at a discount of 78% every day from 17:00 to 19:30 so that office workers can still buy fresh and cheap vegetables after work.

Moreover, in consideration of the actual needs of customers, many bargain-priced products are introduced in the market every day, and their prices are generally 20%-30% lower than the market price, giving benefits to people and being welcomed by customers.

Combination of modules, convenient and beneficial to customers

During the interview, the reporter learned that the second floor of "Wanyou Fair" is currently being upgraded and transformed because the operator is not content with the mode of a "simplex" food market. Based on the actual situation of the surrounding environment and business atmosphere, they will combine the main functions of the market to derive a variety of combined operation patterns such as brand catering, education and training and neighborhood center through professional market research and data analysis. Among them, the central kitchen, gym and hairdressing and other contents will be integrated into the neighborhood center, each of which has its own space and can be used for free by community residents through reservation. After the renovation, the "Wanyou Fair" will provide more comprehensive life services to the surrounding residents.