The First Fashion Design Competition of Qipu Road Fashion Commercial District Held

Released on:2018-12-06


(Text by Reporter Li Ying/Photograph by Xiao Mingliang) The First Fashion Design Competition of Qipu Road Fashion Commercial District was held on November 23, 2018.

The event aimed to better promote the adaptation of business model of Qipu Road Commercial District to the current social and commercial development trend, gradually realize the transformation of business model and enhance the industrial level and commercial competitiveness. In recent years, Jing’an District Party Committee and Jing’an District People’s Government have been strengthening the governance of the stubborn problems of the commercial district, and actively carrying out the "Two New" party building and the reform of mass organizations, making the district safer, the urban environment cleaner and more beautiful, and the spiritual outlook and civilization level of the masses greatly improved. Moreover, Qipu Road will be transformed into an urban fashion landmark, and become an international fashion block equally famous with Harajuku in Tokyo and Dongdaemun in Seoul in the near future. In the competition, the total score was obtained by adding the average score of the on-site judges and the converted score of mass voting in the early stage; and one first prize, two second prizes, three third prizes and four excellence prizes were selected from the 26 participating merchants according to the total scores from the highest to the lowest.

It is learned that all the participants in this competition were "indigenous" merchants in Qipu Road, and their designs were favored by the audience through the wonderful show of the fashion models.

The panel of judges was composed of Shen Zhiwen, President of Shanghai University-MOD’ART International Institute of Fashion and Arts, and some foreign fashion experts. Finally, the top ten participants stood out. Lila Zo rpia from Kaixuancheng Wholesale Market won the first place in the competition.

According to head of Beizhan Sub-district, the successful holding of the First Fashion Design Competition of Qipu Road Fashion Commercial District not only demonstrated the design talent of each participant, but also reflected the improvement of the overall aesthetic level of merchants in the commercial district.