Shanghai Sihang Warehouse War Memorial Hall Holds a Theme Event on National Public Memorial Day

Released on:2018-12-22


(Text by Reporter Li Ying/Photograph by Xiao Mingliang) On December 13, 2018, Shanghai Sihang Warehouse War Memorial Hall held a theme event of "Keep National Humiliation in Mind and Remember History - The National Public Memorial Day of Nanjing Massacre", aiming at remembering the national heroic martyrs for the War of Resistance Against Japan, mourning the dead in Nanjing Massacre and all compatriots killed in the Japanese Imperialist War of Aggression against China, guiding the general public to remember history, facing up to the development of the Chinese nation, establishing a sense of national responsibility, carrying forward the great national spirit with patriotism as the core, practicing socialist core values, continuing to promote the spirit of the Anti-Japanese War, gathering the power of unity and struggle, and creating a social atmosphere of advocating heroes and patriotism.

At the scene of the event, more than 100 representatives of officers and soldiers of troops stationed in the district, the Justice Bureau of Jing'an District, Party and youth league members of resident units, newly appointed civil servants, college students and residents of Beizhan Sub-district gathered in Jinyuan Memorial Square to mourn the Anti-Japanese War heroes. The theme event of National Public Memorial Day started with the national anthem. After all people stood in silent tribute to the dead in Nanjing Massacre and all compatriots killed in the Japanese Imperialist War of Aggression against China, they recited the poem of May the Spirit of the Deceased Come back to Us! and the sound soared into the sky. The verse of "It was cold in early July and frosty in August; we hope that a better future is what comes of those sacrifices...The fight in the Suzhou River is our determination to save the country from danger..." is the aspiration of Chinese people to oppose the war of aggression and safeguard state sovereignty. Facing the barbarity of the enemy and the destruction of life, Chinese people will never back down. The will to fight against War of Resistance will be firmer and the national spirit will be more cohesive, because justice is never absent. Behind the feelings of home and country is the national backbone of facing death unflinchingly, and there is also a letter home full of love. "My beloved wife Qiaoying: I am about to lead my men into the battle of Shanghai, so I especially write this letter to tell my missing for you..." With the singing of the Song of the Great Wall, the letter from General Xie Jinyuan to his wife was being recited, telling the story of countless Chinese people stepping on a long journey to fight against the enemy, as well as fight and lay down their lives for the country. Hundreds of soldiers fought in Sihang, shed their blood and lost their lives in those years, and their noble spirit will never perish. The isolated force in Sihang embraced the determination of Chinese people to resist Japanese aggression and save their country from extinction. With their strength of unity, a new Great Wall for the Chinese nation has been built. The deeds of these heroes are passed on from generation to generation and their spirits will never be forgotten. The poetry recitation of Sihang Spirit Lasts Forever, "From the warehouse to the battlefield, Chinese people are never afraid of wind and rain... Now, the rain has faded the blood of the history and the Five-Starred Red Flag is flying high on both sides of Suhewan..." The students from Chaoyang Middle School poured out their admiration for heroes and love for their motherland with their young and firm voice.

At last, participants in the mourning activity presented flowers to the dead in Nanjing Massacre and all compatriots killed in the Japanese Imperialist War of Aggression against China to express their grieves.