Buy Fresh Vegetables at “Affordable Prices” at Your Door

Released on:2018-12-25


(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin/Photograph by Yu Ruwen) On December 14, 2018, “new opening of old shops” - the upgrade and transformation of Tongren Food Market version 2.0, located at the intersection of Tongren Road and Nanyang Road, was completed. Bright and clean shopping environment, fresh and inexpensive goods, open-shelf and self-selection selling with expressly marked price, and various means of payment such as WeChat and Alipay... won the praise of the wandering middle-aged women for the food and services in the market. At the same time, they could not help but buy more products. “Vegetables here are fresh and much cheaper than anywhere else. I bought string beans, carrots and broccoli today. A big bag of vegetables cost less than 20 yuan, really a bargain.”

Chinese cabbage costs 0.6 yuan/500g, cauliflower 1.2 yuan/500g, long white radish 0.8 yuan/500g, and brassica chinensis 1.6 yuan/500g. The reporter saw in Tongren Food Market that the preferential counter for guaranteed supply in Jing’an District was placed in a striking position in the market, and four kinds of vegetables with special offers were put together neatly. The usable area in the market about 400 square meters is orderly divided into several areas such as vegetables, fruit, aquatic products, pork, dry goods and daily necessities, which can basically meet the needs of daily household purchases.

Aunt Chen lives in Nanyang Community, which is only tens of meters away from Tongren Food Market. In the past, because of the high prices in the market, she had to go to other distant markets to buy food. Today, when she re-entered the version 2.0 of Tongren Food Market, she was surprised to find that not only the environment had improved, but also the food prices had been much lower. Aunt Chen picked up her “trophies” one by one and introduced them to the reporter: “Snow beans here cost 3.5 yuan/500g. In other markets, they are sold for at least seven yuan. Button mushrooms cost 6 yuan/500g, which are sold for more than ten yuan elsewhere. The winter bamboo shoots without roots are only sold for 8.8 yuan/500g and they are very clean. These vegetables are really fresh and cheap. I can buy them happily at my door every day.”

After a tour, the reporter also found that the price lists of vegetables, fruit, aquatic products and pork in the market were not only clearly marked with prices, but also pasted with QR codes for food safety traceability. Consumers only need to take out their mobile phones to scan the QR codes, then they can check the origin of goods, suppliers, warehousing dates and batches, retail locations, telephone numbers of business contacts and other traceable information. Knowing the source of goods sets consumers’ mind at rest about food safety and traceability.

Mr. Wang, a staff member of Tongren Food Market also told the reporter that as the first food market in southern Jing’an to complete the upgrade and transformation of version 2.0, Tongren Food Market not only sells food to solve the problem of “difficult to buy food” for neighboring residents, but also introduces catering services such as dessert, coffee and business counter meal, bringing convenience to neighboring residents and white-collar workers. In the next stage, the market will gradually introduce online ordering, accurate delivery and other special service items, so as to further enhance the service level of the market and improve the shopping experience of residents. At the same time, it will strictly implement the commodity purchase system, so that every commodity sold will be registered and filed. According to the standard of traceability, the market will guarantee the quality of each commodity, ensure the food safety of retail terminals, and strive to provide the safest vegetables with the lowest prices in Jing’an District, so that consumers can enter the market happily and come out with satisfaction.