1.2 Million Visitors Feel "Unbounded City"

Released on:2018-12-28


(Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing/Photograph by Reporter Yu Ruwen) On December 20, 2018, the closing ceremony of 2018 China·Shanghai Jing'an International Sculpture Project (JISP) & the awarding ceremony of JISP Photography Competition was held in the Arts Center of Jing'an Sculpture Park.

According to reports, the JISP Photography Competition has attracted 721 photographers in a month and collected 5,039 works by means of online submission. These works presented the beauty of people and sculptures in Jing'an Sculpture Park from different angles and levels. After professional evaluation by the Organizing Committee of JISP Photography Competition, these works were finally divided into "camera group" and "mobile phone group", with 127 outstanding works and 8 winners of outstanding organization award being selected.

After more than a year of elaborate preparation and three months of splendid exhibition, the 2018 China·Shanghai Jing'an International Sculpture Project ended successfully. It is the fifth international sculpture project held in Jing'an District, boasting greater scale and influence than ever before. The theme of this year's JISP was "City Unbounded", which is the finishing touch of the "City" series. It summarized and reflected on the planning clue of the city theme. The JISP this year was a feast of public art and a landmark art brand in Shanghai. Each artist has made multi-dimensional understanding and interpretation of the theme of "City Unbounded" through his or her own works, which not only opened the door for the public to enter public art halls, but also directly led the public to participate in public art activities.

This year's JISP has attracted a total of 1.2 million visitors. With Jing'an Sculpture Park as the main exhibition area, the exhibition area of JISP extended to Daning Park and Shibei Hi-Tech Park to the north, making the whole sculpture exhibition more extensive and richer in form and content. In addition to the participation of world-famous artists, JISP also attracted new stars from the art world to make it more international and inclusive. The works of famous contemporary artists were exhibited at the JISP, such as foreign artists Erwin Wurm and Joseph Klibansky, and Chinese artists Feng Chen and Xu Dongrong.

According to staff of Jing'an District Greening and City Appearance Administration, in order to provide citizens with more ways to understand and perceive public art, a number of interactive art activities were held in Jing'an Sculpture Park throughout the JISP. The "Astronaut" Flash Mob brought a lot of laughter to the park. A total of 20 auditions of Youth Art Graffiti Activity were held in 9 schools and other places in Shanghai, attracting 1,108 participants with 1,108 works. The participants came from 35 primary and middle schools in 10 administrative districts of Shanghai, who fully demonstrated their infinite imagination. In the Talk Show Competition, artists and college students appeared on the stage, communicating art in humorous and plain language to the public.

In the future, the JISP will continue to focus on the orientation of urban cultural development, promote the prosperity of regional cultural undertakings as well as cultural inheritance and innovation, and continuously play its role in exhibiting and disseminating sculpture culture and art, so as to contribute to the development of public art and culture in Jing’an District and Shanghai.