The “Love’s Gravity” World Debut Launched in Joy City in Jing’an District, Shanghai

Released on:2019-01-10



(Text by Reporter Li Ying/Photograph by Reporter Xiao Mingliang) Recently, the “Love’s Gravity” World Debut was launched in Joy City in Jing’an District, Shanghai. As the first immersive extrasensory theme park worldwide, it created a 100,000 m3virtual world in Shanghai. Perfectly combining the realistic hand-painted scenes for fairy tales with VR wonderland experience, the “Love’s Gravity” has brought the audience the most novel and unique experience.

The “Love’s Gravity” World Debut is inspired by The Apple, a multi-person large-space VR filmcreated by Kaoru Nito, a well-known Japanese illustrator. The Apple draws inspiration from Newton's law of universal gravitation, which refers to the attraction among everything in the universe. Designed with multiple visual elements relevant to the natural science, the Zen and the Buddhism, the film had its world premiere in London, the UK on October 5, 2018, and won the Best Multi-person Experience Award of the VR Competition Selection at the 26th Raindance Film Festival. Now, while combining the reality with the virtuality, the “Love’s Gravity” World Debut in Shanghai will reproduce the love philosophy reflected in The Apple and fantastic VR experience, in which, the audience will have access to a miraculous sensory feast that is the same as the London audience. Boasting an artistic experience that exceeds limits of senses and intersperses dream with reality, the event offered a TimeWarp experience.

As the reporter saw on the site, the kaleidoscopic sky, the vivid mandalas, the scenes with the sense of ceremony, and all the other wonderful highlights are elements of the realistic dreamland depicted by the artist Kaoru Nito for the audience. There are 7 highlight scenes in this event, among which, the “Philosopher’s Apple: Sincerity and Love” revivifies the scene that the philosopher encounters with the Apple for the first time, and introduces the exhibition with a 1.2m-long huge page that can be flipped. At the exhibition, the most important part is the 100,000-m3 space compressed on the floorage of 32 m2. The door to dreamland is unfolded in front of the experiencers upon wearing the VR glasses. Except the Main Exhibition Area on the third floor of South Block, there isone unique Christmas tree amazing the city on the outdoor square outside the first floor of North Block.

Furthermore, the “Love’s Gravity” World Debut has adopted 2 core technologies to create the most lifelike fantastic VR experience. Specifically, the large-space infinite walking will immerse the experiencers in the virtual reality, in which, the sight of users will be covered by the screen of the head-mounted display, making them unable to feel the real physical environment change thoroughly. The “Love’s Gravity” misleads the spatial orientation of the experiencers through visual sense and auditory sense. Theadventure experience in the fantastic world of 100,000 m3 will be unfolded in the space of only 32 m2. Particularly, instead of being based on the uniform version produced in advance, the world of difference created by the “Love’s Gravity” produces scenes and plots in real time oriented by the walking, jumping, swinging and turning, as well as various subtle movements of experiencers. Each step of the experiencers will influence the development direction of the story, which features more freedom and pleasure than ordinary VR experience. It is learnt that the event will be open to the public until February 24, 2019.