214 Regionalized Party Building Units of Jing'an District Gather for a New “Beginning”

Released on:2019-01-17


(Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing and Yu Ruwen) On January 9, the Annual Performance of Jing'an District "Joint Action" Regionalized Party Building · The Beginning Special Performance of Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra was held in Daning Theatre. More than 1,000 party members from 214 member units of the Regional Party Building Joint Conference enjoyed this cultural feast. This annual performance not only expressed gratitude to all governing units, member units, special committees and sub-committees of sub-districts and towns, but also conveyed good wishes to the new situation of regional party building of Jing'an District in the future.

Gu Chunyuan, Member of the Standing Committee and Director of the Organization Department of the CPC Jing'an District Committee, expressed congratulations in his speech to the member units on their fruitful results achieved in the process of party building and co-building cooperation. He hoped that in the fertile land of Jing'an District, people would comprehend the spiritual power of never forgetting the original intention, forge ahead with firm hearts, create a new and flourishing party building pattern with fierce competition, and work together to make new achievements and create a new situation for Jing'an District.

Later, composer Gong Tianpeng gave an appreciation to the symphony The Beginning. From the perspective of contemporary youth, the song marked the birth of the Chinese Communist Party in Shanghai in 1921. While telling the destiny of the nation, it expressed the patriotism of the musician born after 1990s. At last, all the audience enjoyed the symphony. The Beginning mainly presented the native characteristic with the wonderful language of classical symphony to express the national aspiration of the Chinese people. The music incorporated a large number of Shanghai elements, making the audience feel more familiar.

After the concert, many audiences shared their feelings. A representative of the party members from the sub-committee of sub-districts and towns said that the Song of the Broad Road written by Nie Er and the old work song of Shanghai port were interspersed in the music, with a style of Jiangnan folk song, which was full of local color. Some party members from the special committees expressed their gratitude to the Organization Department of the CPC Jing'an District Committee for providing them with this concert, and they were really shocked and touched by the cry of struggle for the country and the nation. In addition, party members from other member units said that the Organization Department of the CPC Jing'an District Committee has provided a lot of help and services to them in the past year, so they were willing to try their best to contribute to the regional party building work.