A New Power of Esports! "TJ Sports" Jointly Established by Tencent Interactive Entertainment and Riot Games has Settled in Jing'an District

Released on:2019-01-17


The 2019 China LOL Esports Ecological Leaders Summit was held this morning. A major cooperation was solemnly announced at the summit - Tencent Interactive Entertainment and Riot Games announced the establishment of "TJ Sports". This event also marks that TJ Sports, a new giant of the future Esports industry, has officially settled in Jing'an District.

It is learned that the newly-established "TJ Sports" will focus on promoting the development of the Esports industry, devote itself to making the LOL Esports the most professional, influential and commercially viable Esports event in China, and build itself into the forerunner, pioneer and leader of the Esports industry. The summit also released the event data of the number of people watching live professional Esports event in LPL Division in 2018, which exceeded 15 billion.

In recent years, China's Esports industry has developed rapidly and made a breakthrough last year. LPL Division won all the LOL international championships in 2018. The Chinese team also won the LOL gold medal at the 2018 Asian Games in August, achieving a historic breakthrough.

Why does the fast-developing Esports industry aim at Jing'an District? In recent years, a group of enterprises engaged in Esports have taken root in Lingshi Road area of Jing'an District. The leading enterprises of the Esports industry have been gathering and developing continuously, which has formed the effect of "building Shanghai into the Esports core area of China and Lingshi Road into the Esports core area of Shanghai". Taking a close look at the Esports companies located in Lingshi Road area, we will find a series of familiar names of Esports companies including Activision Blizzard (representative products include the Warcraft and the Call of Duty ), Riot Games (representative products include the LOL) and Electronic Arts (representative products include the FIFA), which are famous for their research and development of games; Quantum Sports VSPN, NeoTV, Banana Culture and ImbaTV, the leading operators of Esports event; the top Esports clubs of China, like EDG (the head coach and a main player of the national team who won the LOL Exhibition Match of the 2018 Asian Games come from EDG), Snake, BLG and WE; the live broadcast platform of Esports event, such as PandaTV; and the brokerage enterprises engaged in the Esports industry, such as Shanghai Lizhou Culture Media Co., Ltd., one of the four major brokerage companies officially designated by Chinajoy.