Jing'an District Integrates "Customization" Concept into "Interconnected Affairs Handling with One Network"

Released on:2019-01-22


Citizens are getting affairs handled in Pengpu Xincun Sub-district Community Affairs Service Center ■ Reporter Yu Ruwen

■Text by Reporter Peng Xuhui

To what extent will the efficiency of affairs handling be improved with the integration of "interconnected affairs handling with one network" and "customization"? And how convenient and affordable will it be for the citizens?

In Jing'an District, the "Intelligent Guidance System" customized for enterprises and the "Mass Flow Service" customized for the public have been promoted online and offline with the implementation of "interconnected affairs handling with one network". "Customization" can also be "user-oriented", that is, analyzing problems realistically, solving problems scientifically and providing quality services with "satisfying customers" as the goal.

"Funnel-type selection" simplifies the handling guidelines into "a piece of paper"

How many differences will there be in the procedures for application to open a supermarket? The answer is: there are not only differences in sizes -- large, standard and small, but also differences between wholesale and retail, and whether there is food made on-site for sale. In addition, the respective qualification requirements and precautions under these differentiated preconditions will arise, thus leading to different handling requirements.

However, there is only one reception window, and applicants often have no way to deal with complicated application conditions. Even though citizens handle affairs according to the general guidelines provided by the service center, it still takes a long time and great efforts.

How can enterprise applicants find the quickest route to handle procedures in a short period of time? Jing'an District took the lead in developing the "Intelligent Guidance Service System" and launched it on the home page of "Interconnected Affairs Handling with One Network". In this online system customized for enterprises, applicants can check the options that meet their own needs step by step with visual classification guidance and in the way of situational guidance, according to the conditions such as format, scene and situation, and finally accurately find the business they need to handle. The intelligent system also generates forms and outputs accurate guidelines for handling at the same time.

This kind of "funnel-type selection" method has simplified the "guide book" for general government affairs to the "specific guide paper" for different applicants. It enables applicants to exclude information unrelated to themselves and quickly and correctly prepare the materials required for application without "meeting staff of the government affairs hall", significantly reducing the time cost in the early stage of application. The system can also automatically generate all the information guided by the scene in relevant forms, which can be directly printed out as window application materials.

In addition, the "intelligent guidance service system" can link up with functions like online preliminary review and online application to promote coordinated review of multiple departments. Applicants only need to submit all the materials online at one time, and then they can enjoy the service of "comprehensive reception and acceptance at the front desk, classification, approval and accreditation at the back desk, and comprehensive and unified certificate issuing" provided by the Administrative Service Center of Jing'an District.

As a response to the problems and difficulties in handling business licenses in Jing'an District, the "intelligent guidance service system" currently covers 63 business scenarios in 27 formats of 8 items, including food distribution business license, drug retail business license, medical device business license, public health license, business performance license, online service business license, business license for place of entertainment and art business license. It provides business operators with intelligent guidance services for business starting.

The reporter learned that a total of 240 approval items from 24 departments in Jing'an District have been connected to Shanghai's main portal of "interconnected affairs handling with one network" to achieve the goal of "accomplishing the item handling at one go". The examination and approval items handled in the Administrative Service Center of Jing'an District have all implemented the principle of "people with online reservation get received by the service window first".

On this basis, Jing'an District has continuously improved its offline service mode. For example, four categories of comprehensive windows are set up in the central hall to form a "one-window" acceptance mode with comprehensive windows as the core and specialized department windows as the auxiliary. Among them, the comprehensive window in the market field provides "one - stop" services for businesses such as enterprise registration and change; the comprehensive window in the construction field provides "one - stop" services of social investment project approval and completion acceptance for enterprises; the comprehensive window for one-time acceptance provides comprehensive acceptance services for matters with relatively small business volume, high degree of approval standardization and simple operation. Currently, a total of 69 items from 12 departments are included in the comprehensive window for one-time acceptance; meanwhile, the comprehensive window for one-time issuance cooperates with EMS to provide approval documents express services of various certificates and license for enterprises.

The business processes behind the windows are also being optimized simultaneously. In terms of the aspects such as social security, public safety, planning and construction, 144 "one-time acceptance, on-the-spot settlement" items and 6 district-level advance service items were introduced. For instance, the reapplication and replacement of social security cards, the issuance and replacement of motor vehicle inspection decals, as well as the registration and filing of construction contracts, etc, can be completed on the spot. In the field of construction, the approval of some construction projects can be subject to the preliminary and "tolerant" approval. For the absence of non-staple examination elements, the missing materials can be supplemented in a follow-up manner to reduce the burden of enterprises.

How to "digest" the highest visitor volume of 1,788 visits per day

Under the background of "interconnected affairs handling with one network" comprehensively promoted in the whole city, it is a trend to integrate online and offline services. On January 8, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs held a press conference to inform the situation of "interconnected affairs handling of the whole city" and "interconnected affairs handling with one network" services comprehensively deepened and promoted by Shanghai Community Affairs Reception and Service Center. After years of construction, Shanghai Community Affairs Reception and Service Center, the "convenience store of government affairs" at the doorstep of the citizen's home, has fully realized the three "one" and two "whole" principle, i.e., the online "interconnected affairs handling with one network" and offline "one-window acceptance, one-time completion, interconnected affairs handling of the whole city, as well as no days off in the whole year" services of community affairs.

On January 9, reporters came to the Community Affairs Reception and Service Center of Pengpu Xincun Street, which is one of the community affairs reception and service centers in the city with the largest volume of business. The reporter saw that there were residents handling their businesses in front of each reception window, while dozens of residents were sitting quietly in the waiting area.

Mr. Li, a citizen, was handling the children's health insurance for his newborn baby at the window. After the business handling, the window receptionist asked if it is needed to collect the family planning pension for his wife. "I can enjoy the service in Jing'an District even though the census register of my wife is in Baoshan?" After hearing the positive answer, Mr. Li was very happy. "It is quite convenient! Actually, I should have gone to Baoshan for the handling. I never imagine that could be settled once, which has saved me a lot of time!"

In fact, it benefits from the "Universal Handling" comprehensively implemented by Shanghai Municipal Community Affairs Service Center in March last year, which has optimized the business handling procedures of government sectors, and broken the limits of residents on domicile place or residence in the process. Leveraging the unified information interaction platform citywide, residents are allowed to apply for the business handling in any service center across the city.

Wang Songmei, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Community Affairs Service Center, told the reporter that since the implementation of "Universal Handling", the business handling volume at the municipal level has hit nearly 15,000, ranking the second citywide. Moreover, the business gross has also witnessed apparent increase, registering a growth of 27.14% year on year. "At the end of last year especially, the number of people receiving the handling service in a certain day was 1,788. Immersed by people in the Waiting Area, the center opened its total 25 windows. The staff even saved the time for drinking water, for they wanted to reduce the time for going to the toilet." said Wang Songmei.

In order to shorten the waiting time of residents for queuing to the utmost extent, the center also referred to the "customized" concept, which means that the re-planning of window services will be performed based on the actual situations. In addition to arranging 15 comprehensive ones among 25 reception windows, the center has kept 2 reserved windows for flexibility to offer rapid business handling to residents. Meanwhile, the Pengpu Xincun Sub-district Community Affairs Service Center has officially provided all-year-round service. In this regard, residents will have access to business handling on both workdays and weekends.

On the basis of "Universal Handling", in October last year, the municipal community affairs service platform coordinated with the general portal "Interconnected Affairs Handling with One Network" of Shanghai Government Affairs to initially achieved the "Online Handling". Nowadays, residents of Jing'an District can open the portal website of "Shanghai, China" to enter the special column of "Interconnected Affairs Handling with One Network", and click the module of "Individual Community Affairs Service" to enjoy the online handling of various community affairs.

The offline service of "Universal Handling" and the online service of "Interconnected Affairs Handling with One Network" have been unanimously praised by residents. The community affairs service center has also become the "government affairs convenience store" within the neighborhood. While bringing benefits to residents in convenience and fastness of handling, it also requires the window receptionists to unceasingly improve their professional skills to be "general practitioners" who can solve "problems" along the "last mile" of service for the people.

The sub-district community affairs service center has always been intensifying the training. According to Wang Songmei, the center often organizes staff to receive learning drills at weekends and to train skilled staff during lunch break, to provide better service, and to shorten the waiting time. In this sense, residents can enjoy faster and more convenient service here. The center has been striving to realize the ideal of "saving the energy of the masses for business handling, and reducing the procedures for the masses".

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