The Fourth Session of the First CPPCC Shanghai Jing'an District Committee Kicked Off

Released on:2019-01-25


On the morning of January 14, the Fourth Session of the First Shanghai Jing'an District Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference was opened at Daning Theatre.

Chen Yongdi, Chairman of the District CPPCC, Vice Chairmen Wo Weidong, Wang Gang, Shen Gang and Ye Qiang, and Secretary-General Liu Shangbao as well as the members of the Standing Committee were seated on the rostrum. There were 404 members who should be present at the meeting, of whom 392 actually attended.

Lu Xiaodong, Secretary of the CPC Jing’an District Committee and District Mayor, and Gu Yunhao, Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group of the Standing Committee of Jing'an District People's Congress were invited to attend the meeting. People present at the meeting included: all former chairmen of the District CPPCC, including Han Qiang, Zhang Baoni, Liang Guangbi, Zhang Jiapin, Wang Yunlan, Shi Yaoxin, Liu Xiaoming and Zhang Lili; leaders from Jing'an District Committee, District People's Congress, District People's Government, District People's Court and District People's Procuratorate; all former leaders and Deputy Secretary-General of District CPPCC, directors of the Society of Friends, responsible people from democratic parties, associations of industry and commerce and relevant people's organizations in the district, the members of District and Municipal CPPCC, the public opinion and information officers of District CPPCC, responsible comrades of district departments and sub-district (towns) offices and heads of key enterprises in the district.

The meeting was proclaimed open by Chen Jingwei. It adopted the agenda and schedule of the Fourth Session of the First CPPCC Shanghai Jing'an District Committee, and commended the outstanding proposals since the Third Session of the First CPPCC Shanghai Jing'an District Committee, the annual advanced special committees of the District CPPCC in 2018, and the outstanding liaison groups of sub-districts (towns) and excellent members.

Chen Yongdi was entrusted by the Standing Committee of the First CPPCC District Committee to make a work report on the meeting. He pointed out that the year 2018 is the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up and the 3rd anniversary of the founding of New Jing'an. The Jing'an CPPCC has adhered to the principle of "great learning in theory, great arming in thought and great improvement in quality", and thoroughly studied and implemented Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress under the leadership of CPC Jing'an District Committee and the guidance of Shanghai Municipal CPPCC. In particular, it has deeply grasped the important thoughts of General Secretary Xi Jinping on strengthening and improving the work of CPPCC. Also, it has been gathering and leading CPPCC members and all walks of life in the district to continuously strengthen their political, ideological, theoretical and emotional identities. With the spirit of striving to be the top, Jing'an people have been actively contributing their wisdom and strengths by centering on the development strategy of "One Developmental Axis with Three Gathering Zones" and the goal of "international Jing'an, the blessed land of fulfilling dreams".

Chen Yongdi reviewed the work of the year 2018 from the following five aspects.

First, the Standing Committee has always taken strengthening ideological and political guidance as the primary task, and promptly communicated and implemented the work requirements of the central, municipal and district committees. It also has adhered to the overall leadership of the Party to the works of District CPPCC to make sure that all important works have been carried out under the leadership of District Committee and all important activities are centering on the central task of District Committee. Through such forms as guided learning by leaders, group learning in all circles and simultaneous learning among offices, the study and discussion activities have been promoted to be deep and practical. Furthermore, the ideological and political guidance has been run through the whole process of performing its functions by the way of CPPCC, the Party's ideas have been translated into the consensus of representatives from all walks of life with elaborate works, and the Standing Committee has paid attention to the two-way development of ideological and political guidance and advising on the administration of the state, so as to build a broad consensus for the leaping development of Jing'an and bring together forces from all walks of life.

Second, the Standing Committee has always stuck to the working concept of "following and boosting", closely linked to the overall development situation of the district, and unified and guided the committee members to conduct in-depth research, make accurate suggestions and work in the same direction. Various special sessions were also held to provide accurate advice on the central work, and the suggestion with "high values" was highly praised. The practical research on major issues has been carried out to form a brand of research work with distinctive features and remarkable actual effects, which has received high attention and affirmation from Wang Yongqing, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the CPPCC, and has been reported to the CPPCC National Committee as a typical case. In addition, it has been active to strive for the work guidance of the new Municipal CPPCC, receive the leaders of the Municipal CPPCC to Jing'an for investigation and inspection, undertake various work exchange meetings, deeply participate in the research topics of the Municipal CPPCC, and integrate the development of Jing'an into the overall development of the city.

Third, the Standing Committee has always adhered to the requirements for strengthening and improving the democratic supervision work of the CPPCC, and has been vigorous to build an active and orderly consultation and supervision platform with the characteristics of the CPPCC and Jing'an District. It also has strengthened the construction of consultative supervision system to assist the District Committee in formulating the Implementation Opinions on Strengthening and Improving the Democratic Supervision Work of the CPPCC and revising the Working Rules of Special Supervisors. Next, by giving full play to the demonstration effect of "negotiation on proposal handling", 22 key proposals were selected from 290 proposals, and district leaders led the supervision and conducted face-to-face negotiations with the members, resulting in receiving the high praise of "the fast follow-up speed of the CPPCC and the high-quality suggestions of the members" from the main leaders of the District Committee and Government. For finding the problems of the city, 17 groups of committee members were organized to participate in a thorough investigation throughout the year, and 119 suggestions were put forward, which were highly valued by the District Government.

Fourth, the Standing Committee has always stuck to the people-centered development concept and considered meeting "the people's aspiration for a better life" as its performance goal. Therefore, the 7th Special Job Fair of CPPCC Member Units and 100 Private Enterprises and the 2018 Red Cross Large-scale Free Clinic Activity themed "The Love Dedicated to the Whole World" were held to continuously polish the job fair and free clinic brand of member units. Then, it has guided the member liaison groups of 14 sub-districts to carefully design topics, organize activities, participate in grassroots services and promote the inclusion of CPPCC members in community work into the district's community governance system. Also, it has continued to take the information work on social conditions and public opinions as an important starting point for members to perform their duties at ordinary time, and meet new quality requirements. As a result, more than 270 members and information officers submitted 1,600 pieces of information on social conditions and public opinions throughout the year.

Fifth, the Standing Committee has always insisted on firmly grasping its own construction. It has not only strictly required to take the lead in demonstration, but also advocated mutual appreciation and growing together. Hence, it will continue to practice the "modest, sagacious and kind" style in the performance of duties and drive the construction of the membership by the building of the Standing Committee; will strengthen the service and management of the members and guide them to understand the CPPCC, to be good at negotiation and discussion of state affairs, and to be more disciplined, polite and virtuous, so that a team of CPPCC cadres with full passion, creativity and courage will be established. With the performance secretary as an important channel, efforts will be made to lay a solid foundation, establish first-line thinking, develop good abilities and strive for first-class performance.

Chen Yongdi emphasized that the year 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the New China and the CPPCC, and also a key year for Jing'an District to make new achievements and create a new situation. The general work requirements for the District CPPCC are: to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the municipal congress of party representatives, to thoroughly study and implement the important thoughts of General Secretary Xi Jinping on strengthening and improving the work of CPPCC, to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on his visit to Shanghai and the new requirements of the Municipal Party Committee for Jing'an in the new era coordinates, and to adhere to political guidance, highlight quality orientation, uphold the CPPCC ideals and contribute to the strength of the CPPCC, so as to work together to carry out the new mission of "making institutional arrangements more mature and thorough, and bringing into play the role of specialized consultative bodies", realize the new achievements and create a new situation for the CPPCC in the new journey of building an "international Jing'an, the blessed land of fulfilling dreams".

Furthermore, the meeting heard a written report on the work of the proposals since the Third Session of the First CPPCC Shanghai Jing'an District Committee.

Seven members, including Zhang Hui, Zhu Zhongda, Yang Yun, Jiang Haixiong, Zhu Yueguang, Hu Qimin and Wang Xuewei, delivered speeches on the first round of statements of the opening session.