Creating New Outstanding Achievements in New Historical Journey —— Report on the Work of the Government by District Mayor Lu Xiaodong (Abstract)

Released on:2019-01-28


(Reporter Yu Ruwen) Review of the work in 2018

The total tax revenue was RMB 72.33 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 5.5%

The general public budget revenue at the district level was RMB 24.683 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 6.03%

The total retail sales of consumer goods was RMB 70 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 7.77%

The total investment in fixed assets was RMB 24.2 billion

The house reconstruction area with the substandard house as the main target was 58,000 square meters

The number of registered unemployed was within the target assigned by Shanghai Municipal People's Government.

Over the past year, under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the People’s Government of Jing'an District has fully implemented the spirits of the 19th CPC National Congress and the Second and Third Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC National Congress, adhered to the general principle of steadily striving for progress, practiced new development concepts, fulfilled the requirements of high-quality development and actively met the demands of Shanghai's strategic positioning as a city of “five centers”, thus better completing the main objectives and tasks of the year. Specifically, Jing'an District completed a total tax revenue of RMB 72.33 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 5.5%; and the general public budget revenue at the district level was RMB 24.683 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 6.03%, ranking the first among the central urban areas in the total volume and growth rate. It also achieved a total retail sales of consumer goods of RMB 70 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 7.77% and a total investment in fixed assets of RMB 24.2 billion. The house reconstruction area with the substandard houses as the main target reached 58,000 square meters. The number of registered unemployment was within the target assigned by Shanghai Municipal People's Government.

In 2018, first of all, the energy levels of key industries have continued to improve. The total tax revenue of the five key industries increased by 13.35%, accounting for 75.86% of the total tax revenue of the whole region. Secondly, the layout of regional development has been increasingly perfected focusing on the construction of three functional zones. Nanjing West Road achieved a total tax revenue of RMB 32.365 billion in the year. The "three zones" have gathered 43.9% of the tax-paying enterprises in the whole district and contributed 71.8% of the tax revenue of the whole district. Thirdly, the core competitiveness of the economy has been enhanced. The total revenue of headquarters economy accounted for 17.19% of the total revenue of the whole district. There were 69 buildings with revenue over RMB 100 million, including 9 buildings with the monthly revenue of over RMB 100 million, and the total revenue of building economy accounted for 60.7 % of the total revenue of the whole district. The contract amount of foreign direct investment reached USD 1.195 billion, resulting in the total foreign economic tax revenue accounting for 52.92% of the total tax revenue of the district.

In addition, the strategy of "four brands" has been thoroughly implemented. The brand of "Shanghai Service" has been promoted to form a list of pilot tasks and identify 88 initiatives; the brand of "Made in Shanghai" has deepened the construction of the national big data industry demonstration base, making Jing'an District the core area of the big data industry; the brand of "Shanghai Shopping" has been developed and 79 first stores in nationwide or Shanghai have been successively opened; and the brand of "Shanghai Culture" has provided a guidance for the protection of outstanding historical buildings. Also, the "ten-minute public cultural circle" has been deepened to expand the supply for public cultural products; the exploration on "big data + public cultural service" has been advanced, and the Intelligence Culture Service Platform has passed the acceptance review of the third batch of demonstration projects of national public cultural service system. As a result, it has made obvious achievements in optimizing the business environment. The reform of key areas, and the state-owned assets and enterprises have been progressing rapidly and steadily; the reform of tax authorities has been smooth and orderly, and tax reduction policies such as added-value tax and income tax have been effectively implemented. Besides, the First China International Import Expo was successfully completed. The urban management mode has been continuously optimized. The construction of "beautiful homeland" has been continuously deepened and the building of "beautiful blocks" has been vigorously promoted. Major projects are progressing in an orderly manner. The quality of life of the masses has improved. And new achievements have been made in the self-construction of the government.

Main Work in 2019

Welcome the 70th anniversary of New China

Achieve a year-on-year increase of 6% in the general public budget revenue at the district level

Achieve a total retail sales of consumer goods of RMB 73.5 billion

Achieve a total investment in fixed assets of RMB 20 billion

Complete the house reconstruction area with the substandard house as the main target of 43,300 square meters

Control the number of registered unemployed within the target assigned by Shanghai Municipal People's Government

For welcoming the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China with outstanding achievements, Jing'an District must base the work on the principle of "seeing Jing'an District from other perspectives and as a part of Shanghai", and promote economic and social development to a new level in a pioneering spirit. The main anticipated objectives of economic and social development of Jing'an District in 2019 are: to achieve a year-on-year increase of 6% in the general public budget revenue at the district level; to achieve a total retail sales of consumer goods of RMB 73.5 billion; to achieve a total investment in fixed assets of RMB 20 billion; to complete the house reconstruction area with the substandard houses as the main target of 43,300 square meters; and to control the number of registered unemployment within the target assigned by Shanghai Municipal People's Government.

I. Make every effort to promote Shanghai's “four major brands” and build new advantages for the development of Jing'an

In 2019, Jing'an District firstly, for promoting the brand of "Shanghai Service", will focus on the comprehensive pilot reform of the national service industry; break through the institutional and mechanism bottlenecks in the development of the service sector, give priority to replicating and promoting the innovative system of customs supervision and services in the free trade area, link with financial innovation policies and promote the internationalization of professional services by docking with "Shanghai 100 measures aimed at promoting opening up"; improve the competitiveness of service industry brands in the district, consolidate the achievements of the "well-known brand demonstration zone of national quality service industry" and promote the "strong district in quality"; and actively create a national trademark brand entrepreneurship and innovation base and carry out the standardization demonstration pilot of the service industry. Secondly, for promoting the brand of "Made in Shanghai", Jing'an District will strengthen science and technology to lead the innovation drive; enhance the construction of a national demonstration base for new-type industrialization and provide strong support for "Made in Shanghai" by relying on big data and cloud computing; actively combine with the major measures of setting up a scientific and innovative board and piloting registration system in Shanghai Stock Exchange, and seek, discover and cultivate qualified high-growth enterprises of the region; strengthen standardized top-level design in industries such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, participate in the establishment of relevant national standards, and play an important supporting role of standardization in industrial development; and promote the construction of functional platforms and improve the high-quality incubation functions of Big Data Innovation Accelerator and the AVICUI (Shanghai) Innovation Incubation Center. Thirdly, for promoting the brand of "Shanghai Shopping", Jing'an District will deepen the construction of the demonstration zone of an international consumer city; enlarge the overflow effect of the China International Import Expo, earnestly boost the brand introduction and settlement of brand companies, and encourage various first stores, flagship stores and experience stores to settle in; strengthen the release function of international high-end new fashion products of Shanghai Exhibition Center to attract international famous brands, designer brands, advanced customization brands, and original brands to hold new product launch activities, and the region near Nanjing West Road will be built into a global new product launch highland with international influence; support the use of innovative technologies and new business mode to create diversified consumption scenarios aiming at the needs of digitization, communalization, personalization and customization; and strengthen the linkage between business, travel and culture, push forward the landing of more international exchange and cooperation projects, and continuously enhance regional attention and influence. Fourthly, for inheriting the profound cultural deposits and promoting the brand of "Shanghai Culture", Jing'an District will push the construction of museum system; strengthen the protection, use and publicity of outstanding historical buildings, further promote the protective development of historical and cultural scenic areas and the upgrade of Shanghai Jing'an Modern Drama Valley, and polish the cultural card of "international Jing'an"; and deepen the special action of the "Beautiful Jing'an" ten-minute public cultural circle promotion.

II. Accelerate the implementation of the development strategy of “One Development Axis with Three Gathering Zones” and optimize the layout of regional functions

Jing'an District will focus on the major project of “One Development Axis with Three Gathering Zones” to provide high-quality spaces and platforms for high-quality economic development in 2019. In Nanjing West Road, it will promote the upgrading of the energy level of the high-end business clusters on both sides, consolidate the leading superiority and further improve the industrial ecology in the region, so as to complete the brand adjustment and format layout of key commercial carriers. Besides, it is important to strengthen communication and coordination with relevant municipal departments to strive for the priority. In Wujiang Road, Weihai Road, Maoming North Road and other blocks, the transformation and upgrading will be promoted. Also, it will accelerate the reconstruction of Jinchang Wenhua Plaza and the construction of the Second Phase of Donghai Plaza. For Suzhou River, it will promote the re-optimization of the form of culture, leisure and entrepreneurship agglomeration zone on both sides, deepen the overall plan of "one river and two banks" and push forward its implementation. Furthermore, Jing'an District will speed up the building of major industrial projects in the region for boosting project construction, and strengthen the introduction of well-known brands to upgrade the energy level of business circles. Specifically, the functional upgrading of the city-industry integration belt around the Middle Ring Road will be enhanced. On the south side, it will focus on advantageous industrial clusters such as film and television and electronic sports in Daning Area, accelerate the construction of parks such as Innovation Galaxy and Pearl Cinema City and promote the completion of Jiuguang Project in 312 Neighborhood, so as to optimize the structure of Daning Business Circle. On the north side, in order to improve the layout of rental buildings, ecological environment facilities and public supporting resources in the park, Shibei High-tech Park will make every effort to build the "Capital of China's Big Data Industry" and "China's Innovative Industry Community", push forward major projects such as Pengyuepu Wedge Green Space Business Office, and finish the construction of Shibei Yi Center.

III. Continuously increase the regional economic density and promote the economic scale and efficiency

In order to accelerate the reform of business environment, Jing'an District, in 2019, will promote the government process reengineering, give full play to the comprehensive synergy of data collection, analysis and command application, establish a data resource sharing system of the district, build an integrated command center across systems and domains and realize more active personalized and intelligent services. Also, it will deepen the "three-batch" reform to consolidate and expand the reform results of the on-the-spot transaction and advance service. In terms of streamlining administration and power decentralization, it will strengthen the management of administrative examination and approval catalogue, perfect the canceling and adjusting items subject to administrative review and approval and realize "no-meeting" services. Centering on the development direction of key industries, the agglomeration effect will be amplified and industry leaders will be introduced. In addition, it will actively meet the national strategy of "integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta"; strengthen the tracking of key buildings, test the "Lou Xiaoer" self-service system and expand its service functions; and deepen the work of "Elite Union" and promote the integration of party building brands. In the whole year, it is planned to introduce 6 regional headquarters of multinational companies and 20 projects with a tax revenue of over RMB 10 million, and the number of buildings with revenue over RMB 100 million will remain stable. The district will constantly enhance the vitality of enterprise development and deepen the reform of state-owned assets and enterprise. Centering on the establishment of market-oriented operational mechanism, Jing'an District shall probe into the mixed-ownership reform, encourage enterprises to practice the pilot reforms with own characteristics oriented by their main business, and stimulate the vigor of state-owned enterprises. While advancing the system & mechanism innovation that serves the sound development of private economy, Jing'an District shall improve the policy system directing and supporting private enterprises to progress, so as to assist private enterprises in development. The financing facilitation and diversification of enterprises are expected to be promoted in the meantime of exploring and driving the construction of financing service platform. Jing'an District shall optimize the government's approval procedures, strengthen the unified command and coordination, establish the divided guiding system by leaders for projects, and boost the responsibility fulfillment, so as to achieve the goal of commencing and completing the building projects covering 1 million m2 each throughout the year. Jing'an District shall attach great importance to the major industrial functional projects to spare no effort in promoting the key municipal engineering projects including that of North Cross Channel (Jing'an Section).

■ 6 multinational corporations are planned to be introduced to settle in Jing'an District as the regional headquarters.

■ 20 projects of ten million level and above on taxation scale are planned to be brought in.

■ Building projects covering 1 million m2 in both commencement and completion are expected to be witnessed throughout the year.

IV. Improve and perfect the fine management system to promote characteristic brand of Jing'an District

Jing'an District has scheduled to pioneer in the blazing of a trail for the management of the ultra-large central urban area. Meanwhile, the big data city management and construction of social governance pilot zone will also be comprehensively advanced. By furthering the "151" project construction, and promoting the development of application scenarios and deployment of sensory equipment, Jing'an District shall realize the real-time and multi-dimensional collection of city data around the clock, and enhance the data analysis and application, so as to establish the interconnected and coordinated new urban fine management mechanism with innovative applications through big data, achieve the goal of "analyzing data, commanding social life, and anticipating rules", and improving the operating efficiency of the city. Jing'an District will constantly enrich the connotation of "Community Brain" of Linfen Road Sub-district, optimize the operation system of the Fine Management Command Center of West Nanjing Road, arrange the management platform of big data & IoT intelligent park in Shibei Hi-Tech Park, and accelerate the installation of sensory equipment in Shanghai Railway Station, so as to foster the pilot demonstration effect. While exploring and innovating the cross-region unified command, and the grid rapid dealing mechanism, Jing'an District shall combine with the patrol of "Road Chief System" to perfect various mechanisms concerning problems spotting and handling on such platforms as the Urban Intelligent and Comprehensive Operation & Management Center, through which, the urban management with characteristics of Jing'an District will be developed. The "Beautiful Home" will be built in a high standard. By virtue of precisely remedying shortcomings and improving the management efficiency, Jing'an District has realized the comprehensive improvement of high-rise residence covering 630,000 m2, the entire project renovation of public housing under direct administration (including the internal overall reconstruction of lane houses) covering 10,000 m2, the rainwater and sewage separate reconstruction of residential community covering 200,000 m2, and the elimination of potential security hazards of old housing covering 20,000 m2. Moreover, 50 more elevators have been installed in existing multiple dwellings. Jing'an District will deepen the property management reform, and encourage quality enterprises to output resources of brand management to inject continuous blood to the merge of property management areas.

By boosting the normal and long-acting construction of "Beautiful Home", Jing'an District expects to raise the self-management level of owners. In addition, the non-illegal construction achievements shall be consolidated to build the long-efficient working mechanism. The overall construction of "Beautiful Street" shall also be in progress. Jing'an District shall emphasize such key regions as main roads and historical relic protection zones to boost the constant optimization of urban environmental quality. Leveraging the in-depth fulfillment of lighting design in key regions like West Nanjing Road, and the lighting construction pilot along Suzhou River, Jing'an District shall implement the lighting project in the central region. In the process of improving the station construction of two-network integration, Jing'an District shall strengthen the waste sorting and green account of 380,000 households, as well as the compulsory sorting coverage by government sectors, enterprises and public institutions. Jing'an District will conscientiously perform the track with the rectification of problems spotted by the central environmental supervision group to thoroughly implement the related problem rectification in Shanghai. By fulfilling the pollution sources survey within the district, Jing'an shall well fight against the air, water and soil pollution to enhance the ecological environmental protection. The safe operation of the urban area shall be guaranteed. Jing'an shall establish and perfect the dual-prevention mechanism integrating the graded-control for security risks and identification & governance of hidden danger. The "three-in-one" sites, assembly occupancies, combustible and explosive areas and other regions with prominent fire risks shall be implemented advanced governance, of which, the construction of fire protection infrastructures shall be improved. The security control in underground space shall be reinforced. Jing'an District shall practice the comprehensive management to old public housing through rectifying projects with structural security risks. While enhancing the elimination of hidden danger of elevators in old residences, Jing'an shall innovate in the social service pattern of special equipment. Jing'an shall promote the installation and arrangement of video monitoring systems for food security to improve the security management efficiency. The social order prevention and control shall be enhanced, and the management measures for public security shall be taken. By optimizing the comprehensive governance over traffic congestion, Jing'an shall ensure the safe and smooth road environment. Furthermore, Jing'an is bound to standardize issues like the acceptance, handling and reply of letter complaints, so as to further the feedback mechanism to satisfaction of the masses of first complaint, and practically resolve contradictions.

■ 630,000 m2 of high-rise housing has been conducted comprehensive renovation.

■ 10,000 m2 of public housing under direct administration has been conducted entire-project renovation.

■ 200,000 m2 of residential community has been conducted the rainwater and sewage separate reconstruction.

■ 20,000 m2 of old housing has been eliminated the potential safety hazards.

■ 50 more elevators have been installed in existing multiple dwellings.

V. Practically solve urgent, tough, disturbing and anxious problems to advance social governance innovation

Jing'an District shall accelerate the transformation of old areas. Plot expropriation like the 240 Neighborhood project has been launched. In this sense, Jing'an is striving to promote the base completion. Throughout the year, 3,500 households have been benefited from the reconstruction of old areas. In an effort to enhance the whole set improvement of old housing, Jing'an has launched the Construction of Pengsan Community (Phase V), the Residents' Signing of Tanjiaqiao (Phase I) and Planning Scheme Collection of Pengyi Community. Jing'an shall boost the market-oriented, scale and professional development of house leasing, as well as supplying the low-rent housing, public rental housing and government-supported housing with property in common in an orderly manner, so as to deepen the livelihood guarantee. Jing'an will improve the facility layout for service of the aged to intensify the system construction of home-based elderly care services. In the meantime, the completion of Huangshan Road Old People's Home Project shall be advanced. Within the year, 250 beds for the aged, 1 community comprehensive elderly service center, 2 elderly caring homes, 3 comprehensive dining supporting service demonstration sites for the aged have been newly added, as well as 15 standard activity rooms and service stations for the elderly have been built and reconstructed. In order to deepen the combination of medical treatment and endowment, Jing'an shall strengthen the nurse team building and optimize the nursing professional training system to provide favorable service for the aged. While implementing active employment policies, Jing'an has been promoting a more thorough and high quality employment. Those long-term unemployed young people have been provided with assistance in entrepreneurship. In the process of unceasingly upgrading the substantial results of social assistance, Jing'an has been implementing the barrier-free reconstruction for the eligible disabled family in demand, and has completed the wheelchair accessible ramp rebuilding in old communities. Jing'an shall further and improve the cheap vegetables supply mechanism, and reconstruct the standardized vegetable market. The district shall create the social governance pattern based on joint construction, management and sharing. By deepening the reservation & invitation system of community residents committee, and establishing the "Direct, Smooth and Rapid Handling" to serve the community, Jing'an has been striving to realize the quick response that serve the community and the masses. The substantial effect of fine management and precise service shall be enhanced through the comprehensive application publicity of community analysis tools. Jing'an is expected to facilitate the standardization construction of community affairs acceptance service center to actually fulfill the "Municipal Smooth Handling" and "One-Network Smooth Handling".

■ Plot expropriation like the 240 Neighborhood project has been launched.

■ Within the year, 250 beds for the aged, 1 community comprehensive elderly service center, 2 elderly caring homes, 3 comprehensive dining supporting service demonstration sites for the aged have been newly added, as well as 15 standard activity rooms and service stations for the elderly have been built and reconstructed.

VI. Constantly increase the public service supply to reclaim a highland of high-quality life

Jing'an yearns for providing the most accessible services for the masses. The moral education in schools shall also be enhanced. Jing'an has been exploring the frontier domains of education reform, and advancing and perfecting the school running based on school district and group operation. Through enhancing the integrated nursery and kindergarten, Jing'an shall steadily promote the nursery for children aging 0-3, and perform well the lifelong education courses. It shall also implement the Implementation Opinions of "Healthy Jing'an 2020" to details. The institutional mechanism reform in public hospitals shall be deepened, and the performance assessment in public hospitals shall be improved to test the incorporation of private medical institutions into the medical treatment alliance in Jing'an District. While steadily implementing the comprehensive reform of community health service to fulfill the "1+1+1" signing, Jing'an District shall establish a sound incentive and constraint mechanism to strengthen the service capability of family doctor. In addition to progressing the public health service, Jing'an shall promote the health assessment and standardization diagnosis & treatment for chronic disease based on the residents' e-records of health condition. The Dialysis Center of Zhabei District Central Hospital, and the Jiangning Outpatient Department of Jing'an District Dental Diseases Prevention and Treatment Center have been newly constructed. Jing'an shall still accelerate the relevant engineering construction. The establishment of "Healthcare Station" of community health service sites shall be thoroughly promoted in sub-districts and towns. Jing'an is responsible for boosting the booming of various undertakings including the sports. It shall promote the "shared public playground" pattern to public football field, public badminton court and other venues. The opening of school sports ground shall be always in process. Moreover, the corresponding infrastructures shall be improved to raise the service level. Jing'an shall perfect the grade 3 events system within the region. The "Sports Distribution for Public Welfare of Jing'an" Project has met the diversified requirements. The national defense mobilization shall be strengthened, and the double-support special care and placement shall be well performed. Various works involving those of women and children, the youth, the nation, the religion, as well as Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese affairs shall be unceasingly consolidated.

VII. Further promote the establishment of the law-based government to accelerate the transformation of government functions

Jing'an shall increase the ratio of pleading in court of principals of administrative bodies. While improving the administration policy-making mechanism, and standardizing major procedures for executive decisions, Jing'an shall consistently enhance the seriousness and scientific nature in managing objectives, reinforce the government integrity building, and drive governmental sectors to timely fulfill commitments. Major financial funds, key construction & livelihood projects, and supervision over state-owned assets & enterprises shall be enhanced to improve the substantial auditing effect. Meanwhile, Jing'an shall accept the surveillance of the District People's Congress and the Standing Committee of District People's Congress according to the law, actively welcome the democratic supervision of the District Committee of CPPCC, and value the judicial and social supervision, as well as that by public opinions. It shall enhance the work style construction of government. In the meantime of thoroughly implementing the spirit of the eight-point code of the central government, Jing'an shall continue to further organize the great research activities to maintain close tie with the people. Standing on the high position of anti-corruption, Jing'an shall still intensify the process supervision, and strictly advocate diligence and thrift.

With the purpose of enhancing the management of civil servants, Jing'an shall fulfill various tasks in high quality based on the explicit timetable and route map of rigorous institutional reform scheme, so as to ensure the logic thinking, constant tasks, united team and sustainable enthusiasm. Jing'an shall attach great importance to the transference and organization to guarantee that newly established departments can be officially and effectively run as soon as possible. The systematical management reform for civil servants shall be promoted. Furthermore, the accountability investigation to such behaviors as responsibility escape, non-feasance and fulfillment postponement shall be reinforced.