Vigorously Create New Label for "Shanghai Culture" Brand

Released on:2019-01-30


■Text by Reporter Xiao Mingliang

■Reporters Gu Wu and Li Ying

On the afternoon of January 17, 2019, Jing'an · Lingang New Business Community, the first large-scale cultural creativity industrial park established after the founding of New Jing'an was officially open to public. Meanwhile, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum announced its official settlement in the park. Zhou Haiying, Deputy District Mayor, Yuan Guohua and Weng Kaining, President and Vice President of Shanghai Lingang Group, Chen Qiong, Deputy Secretary of CPC China Minsheng Bank Party Committee and Vice President of China Minsheng Bank, and Axel Cruau, Consul-General of Consulate General of the Republic of France in Shanghai attended the Opening Ceremony of New Business Community and the Settlement Ceremony of Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum.

Jing'an · Lingang New Business Community, jointly established by Shanghai Lingang Group, Suhe Creek Investment Holding Co., Ltd., Shanghai Electric Group and Shanghai Media Group, is located at the heart of "City-Industry Integration Development Cluster of Middle Ring with Two Wings " in the development strategy of "One Developmental Axis with Three Gathering Zones" of Jing'an District. Covering an area of 150 mu, Jing'an · Lingang New Business Community was formerly situated at the site of Shanghai Metallurgical & Mine Machinery Factory built in the 1950s. By virtue of the protective development and renewal of the industrial relics in the factory over the past two years, Jing'an · Lingang New Business Community has already been developed into a fashion culture & creative industry cluster that blends modern cultural media, fashion creativity industry, sports leisure industry and other cultural creativity elements with films and television contents production as the core. Such well-known cultural creativity enterprises at home and abroad as Shanghai Media Tech Co., Ltd., SCLA, UFC, Ruyi Xinxin Film Investment, Camelot Hills and Vango Sports have successively settled in the park.

In 2018, the park was granted the "Annual Fashion Landmark Award" by "Shanghai BANG", a new medium of fashion life. According to the operation & management body of Jing'an · Lingang New Business Community, the park will further provide dedicated service for the industry with its opening. While intensively cultivating the industrial chain, and gathering more excellent cultural creativity enterprises, the park will offer the opportunity of sharing the functional carriers like photo studio and multi-functional theater to settled corporations. Moreover, such quality services as the cloud service platform for film & television contents production, famous IP authorization, new media promotion and policy advisory are also available.

Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, officially settled in Building 3 of the park on the Opening Ceremony of Jing'an · Lingang New Business Community, covers an area of 7,000 m2. Gan Zhiyi, Director of Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum noted that the reason to choose this old factory as the new location of Minsheng Art Museum is that the machinery and factory building of the early industrial relics are strange but especially attractive for citizens and particularly for today's youth in the post-industrial age. As a creation method adopted by plentiful contemporary arts, defamiliarization however embodies a significant factor resulting in the overlapping between current gallery spaces and industrial relics. At present, the museum has been arranged with internal decoration by a professional team. Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum is scheduled to open to public and organize exhibition activities in May this year.

At the scene, with the signing of the Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation, Consulate General of the Republic of France in Shanghai and Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum will further deepen their cooperation on exchanges of Western and Chinese culture and art.