Shanghai Jing'an District will Create "Lingshi China eSports Center"

Released on:2019-02-02


On January 25, 2019, under the guidance of the People's Government of Jing'an District and Shanghai United Media Group, the Press Conference of Jing'an eSports Industry Development Plan, co-sponsored by Jing'an District Commission of Commerce, Shanghai XinHua Distribution Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Daning Asset Management Co., Ltd., and Roland Berger International Management Consulting Co., Ltd., was held at Shanghai Daning Convention Center. Hu Jinjun, Deputy Director of Propaganda Department of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, Jiang Ming, Member of the Standing Committee and Director of the Propaganda Department of CPC Jing'an District Committee, Zhou Haiying, Deputy District Mayor of the People's Government of Jing'an District, Chen Qiwei, General Manager and Li Xiang, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai United Media Group, as well as heads of relevant functions of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism and Shanghai Administration of Sports attended the event.

Jiang Ming, Member of the Standing Committee and Director of the Propaganda Department of CPC Jing'an District Committee, expressed his gratitude in his speech towards the Propaganda Department of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, Shanghai Administration of Sports, eSports enterprises and people from all walks of life for their support to the development of Jing'an eSports industry. He said that Jing'an District will seize the good momentum of the vigorous development of the eSports industry and take advantage of the golden opportunity to move forward. Under the industrial layout of "One Developmental Axis with Three Gathering Zones", Jing'an District will give full play to the advantages of the industrial resources of International Film and Television Park Circum-SHU, integrate urban quality industrial resources, so as to create the "Lingshi China eSports Center" with standardized industrial development, congregated headquarters enterprises, high-end events, leading scientific and technological equipment, dynamic eSports ecology and various professionals, highlighting the "new achievements and new situation" of Jing'an eSports under the positioning of "new benchmark and new highlights".

It is learned that, Lingshi China eSports Center takes "intelligence" as its core, and its positioning is the "smart" eSports competition system, "inspired" eSports industrial space, as well as "intelligent" eSports ecological community and talent echelon. In the future, it is expected to gather hardcore players to attract young viewers and expand the derived beneficial customer groups.

Jiang Hao, Global Partner and Vice President of Roland Berger (China) International Management Consulting Co., Ltd. delivered a speech titled “Jing'an District eSports Industry Development Plan”. He pointed out that, in the future, Jing'an District will define "the brand-new lifestyle for the future generations in Shanghai" with "the unbounded language of global youth", building Shanghai cultural soft power and Jing'an new vitality for development. Taking the construction of industrial ecology, the implementation of major projects, the provision of policy guarantee and the layout of spatial system as the four major development drivers, Lingshi China eSports Center will create a comprehensive and three-dimensional "one core, two new and three ecological" industrial ecological system.

At the Press Conference, Jing'an District released the Supporting Policies of Jing'an District on Promoting the Development of the eSports Industry, aiming to support the development of eSports enterprises in terms of enterprise agglomeration, talent introduction, improvement of creativity, venue construction, competition subsidy, etc.

In addition, the People's Government of Jing'an District and Shanghai United Media Group (SUMG) signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement at the event. As the main driving force of the eSports industry at city level of Shanghai, Shanghai United Media Group has gathered a batch of eSports and peripheral enterprises in its Phase I of Xinhua Park. Taking the renovation of No. 751, Hutai Road (Phase II of Xinhua Park) as an opportunity, SUMG will act in cooperation with the construction of Lingshi China eSports Center. Jing'an District will take the development of the eSports industry as the entry point to strengthen the cooperation with SUMG, share quality resources, improve allocation capability, and seek common development of the industry with SUMG in the space construction of carriers such as the big data base, industrial research center, eSports education center, and cultural experience facilities, driving the scale development of the peripheral eSports industries, and setting up a new landmark of eSports in downtown Shanghai.

Chen Qiwei, General Manager of Shanghai United Media Group, said in his speech that as a cultural and media industry group in the Internet era, SUMG is confident and determined to jointly promote the orderly and healthy development of Shanghai eSports industry with Jing'an District. He expressed that SUMG will give full play to its industrial resource advantage in the cultural and omnimedia fields, and provide professional support for the organization of eSports events, the eSports ecological layout and other aspects in Jing'an District, promoting the industrial upgrading of Jing'an eSports and setting a benchmark for Shanghai eSports.

In recent years, as a new sport, eSports has received great attention worldwide. The Jakarta Asian Games held in 2018 is the debut of eSports in a world-class sports event. The Chinese delegation achieved excellent results at this event with "two gold and one silver medals" in total. At the same time, the eSports industry in China is developing rapidly with the continuously expanded and improved industrial chain, and the tendency of the industry as a whole to become mature and professional. In August last year, Li Qiang, Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, said when investigating the eSports industry in Jing'an District: "The eSports industry boasts great potential. Shanghai should create a good environment for attracting domestic famous eSports enterprises, and build characteristic industrial parks relying on the leading and benchmark enterprises, promoting the development of eSports industry."

At present, there are a series of eSports enterprises in the eSports Industrial Park of Jing'an District, such as EDG, Riot Games, Dominion, VSPN, Banana Games and NEOTV, forming an ecology integrating content production, matches operation, etc.

In the future, the implementation path of Jing'an District for the eSports industry is "one core, two new and three ecological" - centering on the core of the competition content, focusing on the cultivation and application of new technologies and talents of eSports, and cultivating a complete eSports ecological circle from three aspects of culture, competition and content. The seven core projects covering the entire industry chain of eSports will be implemented one after another, including the global game technology innovation zone, the complex and multi-level competition venue cluster, the comprehensive training base for eSports talents, the content production supporting park, the eSports cultural and entertainment complex, the eSports cultural and ecological district, the top industry summits and the eSports carnival.