Solving Problems that Restrict Development of Jing'an District by "Going Down"

Released on:2019-02-02



The "Comfortable Residence Dream" of Residents is Fulfilled through the Phase V Renovation of Pengsan Community Based on Large-scale Survey ■ Text by Reporter Yu Ruwen

■ Reporter Huang Jingjing

On January 24, 2019, the Jing'an District Large-scale Survey Summary and Promotion Conference (hereinafter referred to as "the Conference") was held. Lu Xiaodong, Secretary of the CPC Jing'an District Committee and District Mayor of Jing'an District, stressed that it is necessary to thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important directive on conducting large-scale survey, adhere to the deployment and requirements of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, stick to the principle of going down on a regular basis, persist in solving problems throughout the whole process, take the sense of achievement and satisfaction of the masses as the test criteria, continuously push forward the normalization and institutionalization of large-scale survey, and effectively assume the major mission of "realizing new achievements and opening up new situations", so as to promote the economic and social development of Jing'an District.

During the Conference, the large-scale survey work of Jing'an District in 2018 was summarized, and the deployment of large-scale survey work in 2019 was made. Gu Chunyuan, Jiang Ming, Liu Xie, Ye Jianhua, Zhou Haiying, Chen Jingwei and other leaders of Jing'an District attended the Conference.

It is learned that as of December 31, 2018, a total of 4,254 government officials in Jing'an District have participated in the large-scale survey. A total of 271 residential areas, 456,499 households, 33,562 enterprises, 376 institutions and 791 social organizations have been surveyed. 29,530 problems have been found, among which 27,609 problems have been solved, reaching a problem solving rate of 93.49%.


The key is to solve the problems

Lu Xiaodong pointed out in his speech that over the past year, the Party and government organs at all levels and a large number of leading officials in Jing'an District have attached great importance to and actively participated in the large-scale survey, carried out solid and fruitful survey visits, solved the difficulties in the production and operation of a number of enterprises, accomplished a series of livelihood issues of concern to the masses, and promoted Jing'an District to make new progress in all aspects of work. Meanwhile, great changes have taken place in officials' work styles and working methods by conducting large-scale survey. It is required to conscientiously sum up the experience and practices formed in the large-scale survey and continuously promote the normalization and institutionalization of the large-scale survey.

Lu Xiaodong indicated that with the purpose of effectively conducting mass work, one must walk beside the masses and realize emotional connection with the masses. It is necessary to go down into the masses on a regular basis, insist on carrying out survey visit and serving the masses as well as the enterprises, and make "going down" a powerful tool for grasping work. It is required to make good use of the working method of "going down" to constantly carry out survey visit, find bottlenecks, strengthen innovation, and break the original path and rules, so that problems that restrict regional development are able to be solved. The working method of "going down" should be consolidated through institutionalization, the requirements clarified by the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee should be implemented seriously, and good mechanisms formed in the large-scale survey should be taken full advantage of.

Lu Xiaodong also pointed out that the most important thing in conducting large-scale survey is to solve the problems. In the process of promoting the normalization and institutionalization of large-scale survey, it is required to strengthen the problem-oriented principle and insist on not only sorting out but also solving the problems while conducting the large-scale survey. It is necessary to focus on the problems of key work, obvious problems and bottleneck problems, and make every effort to accurately solve the problems, so as to make new achievements and create new situations in the fierce competition. Problems should be solved with joint efforts by departments at all levels with separate duties. For the problems found and sorted out during the survey, it is necessary to further improve the working hierarchy of problem solving, solve the problems based on self-determination, establish a smooth problem transfer mechanism, continue to consolidate the effective results of the working mechanism led by leaders of Jing'an District to coordinate major and complex problems, combine in-depth survey and arrangement, make more judgments regarding the rule and trend, and systematically solve the problems. It is required to prevent the problem of formalism, put an end to formalism such as pretending to conduct the survey, skimming the surface and taking a cursory look at the flowers during the survey, and earnestly handle practical issues.

As Lu Xiaodong stressed, the effect of large-scale survey rests neither on the number of systems issued nor the times of survey, but the sense of gain and happiness of the masses. It is required to genuinely and sincerely bring benefits to the masses, and considerately solve difficulties for enterprises. The large-scale survey shall "bridge" the extensive officials with enterprises and people in mentality and action, educating the officials, benefiting the people, and being welcomed by the society, thus, gathering strengths from a broader scope for the development of Jing'an.


Solve a pile of urgent, tough, disturbing and anxious problems

In 2018, closely centering on the "Six Centers" and "Two Full Coverage", Jing'an District has conscientiously implemented the arrangements and requirements of CPC Shanghai Municipal Party Committee to promote the thorough implementation of large-scale survey, which has yielded considerable phased working results:

Through the change of working style, Jing'an District has solved a pile of urgent, tough, disturbing and anxious problems. On the four working teams, who have taken the lead to build the platform to spot and discuss problems, they have promoted the large-scale survey to become the collective thinking pattern in public policy-making. For instance, the "Window Preposition Mode" has made the corporate policy advisory and business handling near at hand. On the survey subject, the large-scale survey has remedied shortcomings. For example, by exploring and forming the "Road Chief System", the handling rate of various problems have exceeded 99%. On the community level, the large-scale survey has striven to solve problems people are greatly concerned with, such as the installation of elevators in old residences by Jing'an District Department of Housing Management and Jing'an District Bureau of Civil Affairs, as well as the solution to service for the elderly.

Through the consolidation of survey achievements, Jing'an District has explored and established the normal and long-acting working mechanism. Oriented strictly by the key tasks of the municipality and the district, Jing'an District has focused on the "Three Problems of the Most" considering the central and important subjects of the District Committee to generate a batch of valuable survey achievements. Initially formulating the Opinions on Further Changing Styles to Establish and Improve the Normal and Long-Acting Working Mechanism for Large-scale Survey, Jing'an District has optimized the five basic systems of the large-scale survey, detailed the methods for examination and supervision, and rendered phased working tips and supervision to the subjects of survey. Meanwhile, Jing'an District has adhered to the problem orientation, and emphasized the summary and analysis on problems in large-scale survey, forming and improving relevant systems.


Large-scale Survey Combined with "Double-Paired"

This year, following related requirements in Opinions of CPC Shanghai Municipal Party Committee on the Normalization and Institutionalization of Large-scale Survey Featuring "Staying True to the Original Intention, Keeping in Mind the Missions, and Bravely Initiating in the New Era", Jing'an District will implement the spirit of the Summing-up and Advancement Meeting of CPC Shanghai Municipal Party Committee on Large-scale Survey, and continue to further promote the large-scale survey.

Based on the document, departments, committees, offices, bureaus, sub-districts (towns), and civil organizations of the district, as well as district sectors are required to implement the large-scale survey. The subjects of survey involve enterprises and public institutions, "innovative and entrepreneurial" organizations, communities and the people of Jing'an District. The large-scale survey shall be organized and implemented to realize the goal of covering no less than 1/3 of enterprises and households (village families) respectively. Leaders at all levels shall take the lead to conduct the survey in communities, so as to form a sustainable and powerful "effect of leading wild goose".

On the survey approach, Jing'an District has adopted the face-to-face visiting and survey. By widely applying the "Four No’s and Two Directness" survey (that is no notification, no information, no report listening, and no companion & reception to competent departments and regions, and directness to the community and to the site), as well as the toured survey, Jing'an District has stepped to the frontier to closely implement the visiting and survey, so as to obtain the true and first-hand information. In order to make the survey "full of warmth", the subjects of survey shall well prepare before the survey to ensure the survey targeted and focused. In this sense, the survey object will need to make less preparations, contrary to the survey subject. Jing'an District shall insist on the trans-positional consideration to more view issues from the perspectives of the survey objects, and truly understand their difficulties, pain points and dilemmas.

According to information, this year, Jing'an District is expected to further the large-scale survey with "Double-Paired" to steadfastly perform well the paired contact between Party members and officials, and the paired construction by organizations at all levels.