Beizhan Subdistrict Office Holds Spring Festival Gala

Released on:2019-02-19


Photograph by Reporter Xiao Mingliang

■Text by Reporter Li Ying

Recently, Beizhan Subdistrict Office held its first community Spring Festival gala at the Community Cultural Activity Center. More than 200 people got together to celebrate the festival, including officials from relevant departments of Beizhan Subdistrict Office, staff of functional institutions, community officials, employees of community enterprises and institutions, and resident volunteers.

In a festive atmosphere, the Cultural Center was well decorated with colorful lights. The activity was hosted together by famous hosts Xiaojun and Yajing. The gala show prepared a number of traditional cultural performances such as Peking opera, Kunqu and martial arts, demonstrating the profound cultural deposits of Beizhan. Combining traditional Kunqu and modern cultural elements, Kunqu the Beat has made the highbrow Kunqu more suitable for modern people and impressed the audience with originality and innovation. Vigorous and exciting, Fighting Song of Seven Swords moved the audience with the charm of martial arts. The final show was Peking opera performed by children. In Beizhan, child Peking opera has prospered for over 20 years with many talents and awards. Those little performers received warm applause from the audience.

To reflect their daily work, subdistrict officials specially designed and performed shows about their work. TikTok Songs Remix used songs popular with young TikTok users to reflect the hard work of relevant departments; this show received good feedback from delighted audience. The sitcom Matters at the Reception Center was performed by real workers. Based on a true story, the show expressed those workers' devotion to serving and helping the people and won recognition from the audience.