50 Elevators to be Installed in Multi-floor Dwellings Annually

Released on:2019-02-21


▲Convenient elevators constantly improve

the sense of happiness of residents

■ Photograph by Reporter Yu Ruwen


▲50 elevators are expected to be installed within the year

to earlier realize the dream of elevator installation for more residents

■ Photograph by Reporter Yu Ruwen

■ Text by Reporters Xing Beilin and Huang Jingjing

"Thanks to the substantive working of the CPC Jing'an District Committee and Jing'an District People's Government for the people, our living quality has been greatly improved by the convenient elevator compared with the troublesome condition of the past." said a resident, delivering the handwritten Spring Festival couplets to Lu Xiaodong, Secretary of the CPC Jing'an District Committee and District Mayor to express gratitude.

On February 12, Lu Xiaodong visited the Xinfukangli Community of Shimen Road Number Two Sub-district to investigate the elevator installation status in existing multi-floor dwellings, and chaired the on-site meeting. Li Zhen, Deputy District Mayor, and other leaders were present.

"Since residents are eager for the elevator installation in existing multi-floor dwellings, we shall double our efforts to complete the goal of installing 50 elevators within the year, so as to actually bring benefits to residents, making their dream of elevator installation come true as soon as possible." As Lu Xiaodong noted on the meeting, units and departments concerned shall pay their utmost efforts within the capacity to thoroughly anticipate difficulties and problems with determination in the goal and full strength on the action; bring the guiding role of Party building into play to solve hard problems by regarding the elevator installation in existing multi-floor dwellings as a practical exploration in the self and joint governance of residential quarter; consider the elevator installation in existing multi-floor dwellings as part of tasks of beautiful home construction to take diverse measures for overall promotion; build the working platform, and establish the coordination mechanism at the district level to analyze problems and share experience; guarantee the engineering quality, intensify the security inspection, and build the long-effective mechanism.


Happiness Brought by "Less Stairs"

In March 2018, the elevator installation project self-funded by No.96 Building Group of Xinfukangli Community passed the acceptance to officially put into use. Residents living in the building, the first one completed the elevator installation in the community, are available to easily take the elevator for getting around every day. Han Shunfa said with smile that he is enjoying the happiness brought by "less stairs". The story is that the house of Han Shunfa is on the sixth floor, which requires to climb 64 stairs to get home. But, after the elevator is installed, 64 stairs are "reduced" to 8 stairs, making the process easier. "20 years before, I did not feel tired to walk up and down stairs every day, which should be a way of exercising. However, due to the increasingly impeded body movement, I would rest once or twice to climb those stairs later. From the day elevator installed last year, it is convenient and wonderful to go up and down stairs within less than 30 seconds." Aunt Yu, neighbor of Han Shunfa also told the reporter that installing the elevator better familiarizes the neighbors in the building while bringing convenience. "In the past, neighbors just nod for greeting when meeting each other, but nowadays, in addition to together maintaining the elevator, neighbors also mutually solve problems like a family. ”

Envying residents of the No.96 Building enjoying the easiness and convenience brought by the elevator, many residents in other buildings of the community has shown the much stronger desire for the elevator installation. Mr. Song living on the seventh floor in the No.30 Building Group said to the reporter that there is one elder aging over 80 in his family. It is such a suffering thing for the elder to go down stairs "with much help". He is quite favorable to the elevator installation. "My biggest wish for this year is to complete the elevator installation as soon as possible, so that I can take the elder to go down stairs for walking. The earlier the elevator is installed, the happier I am. ”

Introduced by Wei Ying, Secretary of General Party Branch of Xinfukangli Residential Area, the number of elders aging 60 and beyond in the community is nearly 1,100, accounting for 36%. Plentiful residents living on and above the second floor are troubled by the stairs with the aging, among whom, some even cannot go down stairs for months and years. Since the insurmountable stairs gap those "elders living in high floors" with getting around, the elevator installation has been their most urgent desire. After the General Party Branch of Xinfukangli Residential Area conducting the special survey on the second round of elevator installation, and the Owners Committee researching and confirming in detail, a total of 21 building groups of the community has shown the intention to install elevator, among which, the No.30, No.106 and No.126 Building Groups have passed the primary examination of qualification, and 1 has set up the project.


Self-Management for a Better Use of the Elevator

In 2012, the Building 1, Alley 150 (Huayi Garden), West Yan'an Road in Jing'an District was selected as the first site for elevator installation, where has promoted the first successful case. Over the later years, Jing'an District has been vigorously exploring, and accelerating the promotion process to gradually develop sets of relatively mature installation patterns in communities of diverse types. By the end of 2018, Jing'an District has projected the elevator installation in present multi-floor dwellings, covering 22 communities, involving 36 elevators, and benefiting 638 households. At the beginning of this year, another 3 communities in Jing'an District have installed and used 10 elevators. Specifically, attributing to the simultaneous completion, delivery and operation of 5 elevators installed in Yuanlong Apartment, it has become the first residential area with all elevator-installed buildings through the once-for-all transformation in Shanghai.

The reporter found in the review that from the "operation" of the first elevator to the realization of more and more "dreams of elevator installation" of residents throughout the city, the building groups' self-governance and residents' active involvement under the guidance of Party construction have made "indelible contributions". Behind each successfully completed elevator, there is a working team for elevator installation spontaneously founded by residents to guide the consultation, resolve conflicts among residents, listen to the opinions of residents to the elevator design scheme, go through the procedures for examination and approval, and even perform the daily maintenance after operation.

Wei Ying told the reporter that since the service of the elevator, the "Working Team for Elevator Installation" of No.96 Building has become the "Working Team for the Self-Governance of Building Groups" to instruct residents better use and manage the elevator through self-governance. In addition to together discussing and formulating the Convention on Elevators in Building Groups, residents have adhered to performing the intensive cleaning to elevators on each Monday morning. It is exactly the joint efforts guarantee the failure-free operation of the elevator over the year. Even the on-site elevator maintainer expressed, "I have never seen an elevator in the residential building being maintained so clean. ”

The same self-management pattern has also been adopted by Huayi Garden. The characterized Convention on Elevators in Building Groups has been designed for both the elevator in the No.1 Building, and the ones in the No.3 and No.4 Buildings in service last year. Residents in the building use and manage the elevator like their own child in a protective way.

In the process of self-managing the elevator, the "brilliant ideas" "brainstormed" by residents have also been strongly "encouraged" by the sub-district office and departments. While calculating the cost for follow-up maintenance, residents in the No.96 Building Group boldly proposed that why not resorting to the method of renting out the advertising space to reduce the maintenance expenditure. After hearing the idea, the Neighborhood Committee and property management company began to actively seek for appropriate commercial advertisement to settle in. But another problem hinders after finding the advertisement. How to deal with the problem that the building group cannot issue invoice to the advertiser as the liability subject for elevator management? Therefore, the Owners Committee contacted with the Shimen Road Number Two Sub-district, who actively reported the problem to the Tax Bureau of Jing'an District. Finally, the sector made an exception for the Owners Committee as the applicant to open the temporary billing account, making the creative ideas of residents the feasible and favorable suggestions for "reducing" the maintenance cost.

The sub-district office has furthermore incorporated the elevator in the No.96 Building into the scope of intelligent equipment monitoring & management of the intelligent community, and equipped it with the sensor for intelligent monitoring, which would pour the system data into the Sub-district Grid Center for routine monitoring. Thus, once abnormal conditions occur, the personnel can timely perform tracking processing.


Open the "Green Channel" for Elevator Installation

The reporter has further learned that based on the status of application for elevator installation and corresponding project approval, Jing'an District has arranged the "installation of 50 elevators in existing multi-floor dwellings" as one project of the Jing'an District People's Government to bring practical benefits to the people in 2019. Moreover, Jing'an District has applied to budget RMB 12 million as the special subsidy for elevator installation.

This year, Jing'an District is expected to innovate in simplifying the approval procedures and raising fund to vigorously promote the elevator installation. Sectors at the district government level will establish a coordination mechanism of elevator installation for daily operation, through which, the failure problems of each elevator can be put forward to be settled in the rapidest speed. Meanwhile, the district-level sectors will build a service platform, and sub-districts and towns will select the third party facilitating agencies to give full play to the resource advantages of such gross-roots organizations & masses as the community neighborhood (villagers) committee. The buildings qualified for elevator installation will see a smoother installation process, while the ones unqualified will be granted the eligibility, thus, the proceeding efficiency of elevator installation will be enhanced.

Departments concerned of Jing'an District will also open the "Green Channel" and "One-Door Acceptance Window" for elevator installation, reducing the procedures for the people. Department like Jing'an District Housing Administration Bureau, the Planning and Land Management Bureau of Jing'an District, Jing’an District Construction Administration Committee, the Residential Renovation Engineering Quality Testing Center of Shanghai Municipality, and the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Jing'an District will arrange assigned personnel to perform the collaborative working at a fixed time each week to together accept all items of elevator installation, and offer consulting service; the applicant and executing units will be allowed to reserve in advance. It is revealed that Jing'an District is striving to accomplish the establishment of "One-Door Acceptance Window" within this year, and meanwhile improve relevant systems and procedures for examination and approval.

In the following years, Jing'an District will constantly advance the elevator installation in existing multi-floor dwellings. Guided by the principle of "putting whichever completed elevator into service", Jing'an District, targeting at installing 50 elevators each year, is committed to solving the annoyance of "elders living in high floors", and realizing the "dream of elevator installation" for more residents as soon as possible.