Dreaming Back to Childhood and Lighting 2019 with Music and Charity

Released on:2019-02-21


Children Donate Books to Xinjiang "Xiao Hu Yang Library" on Site

■ Photograph by Reporter Xiao Mingliang

■ Text by Reporter Shi Danni

News Recently, the first session for the activity "Where to Go on Weekends" Parent-child Activity Camp for Employees of Jiangning Road Sub-district Office in the New Year was carried out in Mary Kay Building. Nearly 100 employees and their families who work and live in Jiangning District gathered here for a pleasant and meaningful afternoon. Sponsored by the Working Committee of CPC Jiangning Road Sub-district Committee and Jiangning Road Sub-district Office, and jointly organized by Jiangning Road Sub-district Federation of Labor and mass organizations such as the New Social Class Association, Youth League Working Committee and Women's Federation, this activity integrated the welcome concert with charity, aiming to rally people from all sectors in the community to participate in the targeted poverty alleviation public welfare action--to create the "Xiao Hu Yang Library", and actively respond to the 25th "Greatest Love under the Blue Sky" -- Jiangning "One Day Donation for Charity" Theme Activity of Jing'an District.

At the beginning of the activity, a short video brought the audience's mind back to the scenes in the 2018 "Where to Go on Weekends" Parent-child Activity Camp for Employees. In this video, the happy and innocent smiling faces of children impressed every one of audience present, fully demonstrating the mass influence of the mass group work of Jiangning Road Sub-district. Pieces of music such as I Want to Shout I Love You and Doraemon, have been repeatedly played, bringing happiness to children and childhood memory to parents. Violin solos and ukulele playing and singing brought by children of employees from Mary Kay (China) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. and New Jing'an Group showed their musical talents and dreams to the audience.

In the cheerful music, the relevant responsible persons of CPC Jiangning Road Sub-district Community Committee and the New Social Class Association of Jiangning Road Sub-district and two little specially invited performers jointly launched the "Sending out A Book and Realizing A Dream - the Heart Connection of Jiangning and Maralbashi" Book Donation Activity, and put forward a proposal, calling on the caring people from all circles in the district to pay attention to the education problems and reading needs of teenagers in poor areas and do what they can to help the targeted poverty alleviation work. On the day of the activity, nearly 200 books were collected, with charity and love surging on the site.

It is reported that all these books will be used for public welfare projects such as the Construction Aid Project for the "Xiao Hu Yang Library" of No.1 Primary School of Xinjiang Maralbashi County.