Jing'an District Innovates and Explores Party Building Work of Internet Enterprise Platforms

Released on:2019-03-28



■ Photograph by Reporter Xiao Mingliang

■ Text by Reporter Wu Jingjing

On March 19, 2019, under the guidance of the Organization Department and Social Work Committee of CPC Jing'an District Committee and with the support of the CPC Shanghai Daning Asset Management (Group) Co,. Ltd. Committee, the Shanghai Drivers Mobile Party Branch of Didi Chuxing Platform was officially established. This is a brand-new measure to explore the Party building work of internet enterprise platforms under the new form. After the establishment of the Drivers Mobile Party Branch, it will concentrate on playing the pioneer and exemplary role of Party members and the battle fortress function of the Party branch to provide better and safer travel services for the citizens.

At the Founding Conference, the Party member drivers reviewed the Party Oath and solemnly took the oath of safety service under the Party flag to strictly abide by traffic regulations and concentrate on civilized travel; firm the political stand and play a leading role; always treat passengers politely, unite and lead other drivers; build a secure fortress and strive to be a service pioneer; set up a good image and create a travel brand. The CPC Shanghai Daning Asset Management (Group) Co,. Ltd. Committee provided six cares for the Party member drivers including a visit to red revolution education bases, a free health examination, a team sports activity, etc. Besides, the CPC ICBC Zhabei Sub-branch Committee provided the Party member drivers and passengers with warm and practical "gift bags" and "tips", such as water glasses, charging pads and sticky notes.

According to the report, early in 2000, the CPC Jing'an District Committee innovated the Party building model for buildings and took the lead in proposing the measure of "building the Party branch in the buildings". With the emergence of new commercial formats, it is an urgent task for Party building workers to strengthen the Party building work of internet enterprise platforms, especially to strengthen the education and management of mobile Party members on the platforms.

In the next step, Didi Chuxing will set up a joint research group together with Daning Group and other relevant departments and units. Taking "Red Flag Steering Wheel", the Party building brand of Didi Chuxing, as an example, theoretical research and summary will be carried out on the basis of practical pilot projects to jointly explore a new Party building model for new commercial formats in the new era.