A Bowl of Noodles and a Family-like Community, All about Good Neighborhood

Released on:2019-03-30


■ Photograph by Reporter Xiao Mingliang

■ Text by Reporter Wu Jingjing

News "Grandma, please have some noodles and we wish you a long and healthy life." "Grandpa, this is the birthday cake brought in Ruby Foods. I'll bring it to you." On March 19, 2019, a bustling and warm group birthday party was held in the Daer Neighborhood Committee of Daning Road Sub-district. More than 10 elderly people over 90 years old and disabled elderly people over 80 years old gathered together to accept the blessings of people. Representatives from community co-construction enterprises specially prepared birthday noodles and cakes for them.

In the Daer community, many elderly people living alone are very lonely in their daily life. They are eager to get in touch with the outside world and hope that some people can visit and talk with them. In order to make these elderly people feel the warmth and solicitude of the community, the Daer Neighborhood Committee took the initiative to take the responsibility of "accompanying", and sent warmth and comfort to the elderly residents who need care by taking the opportunity of holding a group birthday party.

That day, Cheng Xiafang, a 90-year-old Party member, Ren Ling, a 90-year-old anti-Japanese soldier and retired official, Ye Ming, a 93-year-old retired teacher, Yu Rengang, a 93-year-old retired official who participated in the Liberation War, and other invited elderly people living alone and disabled elderly came to the activity site early. They sat together, ate snacks and chatted with each other with their faces being all smiles. The elderly people were surrounded by the community volunteers clapping their hands and singing the birthday song, and they blew out the birthday candles together. In the happy laughter and cheerful voices, Yan Wencai, a Salar compatriot living in the Daer community, brought hot hand-pulled noodles to the elderly; and they took his hand and kept expressing thanks.

Under the common witness of the elderly people, the Daer community signed a co-construction agreement with the noodle shop of Yan Wencai, which agreed to send birthday noodles and cakes to the elderly every year on their birthdays to express blessings. Yan Wencai told the reporter that he wanted to devote his limited energy to the infinite public welfare, give back and contribute to the society as a minority who has been working hard in Shanghai for many years. At present, Yan Wencai lives and works in the Daer community. He frankly said that he has taken Shanghai as the second hometown, so he would treat the elderly people in the community as his older family members. If they have needs and difficulties, it is incumbent on him to provide some help.

As the activity drew to a close, the elderly people praised the Neighborhood Committee again and again for its solicitude. Grandpa Li and Grandma Yu, who are visually impaired, said with emotion that the Neighborhood Committee is always very concerned about them; so they feel warm and moved when they are accompanied by the Neighborhood Committee; and what they want to express the most is their "gratitude".

Zhou Jing, Secretary of Daer Neighborhood Committee, said that celebrating the birthday for the elderly in the community can not only make them feel the solicitude of the community, but also help to create a good social atmosphere of respecting the elderly, promote the traditional virtues of filial piety and respect for the elderly, and make the Daer community more warm.