3V3 Basketball Game Held in Daning Road Sub-district by Four Parks

Released on:2019-04-05


■Photograph by Reporter Xiao Mingliang

■Text by Reporter Wu Jingjing

On March 25, 2019, the Party Building Service Center of Daning Road Sub-district and Shanghai Zhuyunying Sports Development Co., Ltd. held a 3V3 basketball game themed “showcasing the presence of four parks.” The four parks include Show 709 Media Park, DoBe Park, Heath Work, and Zhujiang Creative Center.

During its preparation, the game had won favor from the white-collar employees thanks to the promotional activities through posters at the Party building service stations of each park, and the official account of “Ningjuhui” and the group chat “four parks” on WeChat. Some employees wanted to take part in the game but could not find partners. However, with the help from staff members of the service stations, they managed to team up and make friends with their counterparts from these parks. After over a month of planning and organization, 12 teams signed up for the game with members from the government departments of the sub-district, the Party Building Alliance of five districts, and the non-public enterprises in the building park.

On the day of the game, 12 teams competed according to the results of the draw. Young men sprinkled with sweat and vitality on the field. Female employees cheered for their colleagues and friends off the field. Awards were issued to the champion, the second runner-up, the third runner-up, MVP and the best organization after the game that lasted one week ended. The organizer not only rewarded the players with outstanding skills, but also encouraged the team with the best team spirit, so as to urge white-collar employees to give full play to their fighting and teamwork spirit as on the field, and affect the people around with more positive energy.

The person in charge of the Party Building Service Center of Daning Road Sub-district said that the basketball game demonstrates team spirit and wisdom. It is about fighting, competition, and friendship. Holding a vigorous and passionate basketball game in spring will not only strengthen the connection and interaction between the Party Building Service Center of Daning Road Sub-district, enterprises and building parks, but also enhance the enterprises’ recognition of the community and sense of belonging, deepen the exchanges and friendship between Party members and white-collar employees, show the presence of employees from all enterprises, and shape a positive energy that gathers all and embodies great endeavors throughout the sub-district.